Home Checklist - Things To Do In April

We're trying to take the "mental list making" out of the equation to give you a month-by-month checklist of the commonest, calendar/ time sensitive things to be done around practically every home. Look at, or better yet, printout, save and share our monthly checklists to get ahead of the curve on household updates and chores so you'll always have it supremely under control!

Here it is!

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Welcome April!
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AC Service

Summer is on your doorstep, the weather is getting warmer so before it gets uncomfortably hot get your AC in the best possible working order. have it serviced, have the coolant checked and clean out filters to make it even more effective.

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Have your AC serviced
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Plant A Summer Garden

It's the perfect time to go planting! The weather is warming up and if you plant flowers now you'll have a bunch of colorful flowers to brighten up your garden through summer.

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Plant a profusion of colorful flowers for summer
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Plant Herbs

If you are an avid cook, there is nothing better than fresh herbs from your own garden to add that extra zing to your culinary adventures! Even if you aren't adventurous in the kitchen, it's worth planting one pot of coriander ( just toss a few coriander seeds into a ready to plant pot) and one of mint ( mint is practically invasive and thrives in a pot) will make for the yummiest coriander garnish on food and minty summer lemonade!

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Fresh herbs are super tasty!
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Clean Clutter

Clear away clutter, this could include medicines for the flu lying about to cleaning out expired kitchen supplies like condiments and spices.  Clear your personal space, and involve every member of the family in clearing theirs, so the work gets done faster and doesn't seem like a mountain of a chore.

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Clutter free homes are more appealing aesthetically
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Remember Earth Day 

Earth Day 2015 is on Wednesday the 22nd of April, and we are reminding you to re-commit to being responsible to the earth in your home. It's really very simple to do, when buying anything from furniture to detergent think re-cycled or eco and environment friendly. Re-cycle anything you plan to discard by giving away to organizations that put your stuff to good use, as the adage goes your trash could be someones treasure!

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Make a commitment on Earth Day
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Re-Organize Winter Wear

Every family member has their winter coats and sweaters, and your cupboards are overflowing with all those woollies and thermals! Time to get all winter wear back in storage, in suitcases or in the loft, and put out all your gloriously light summer cottons and linens!

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Pack away your sweaters
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What's on your checklist for April? Share your "To Do's" for April and add to our list today! 

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