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If you own an insecticide and are wondering how to use it in the right way and also ensure safety, then you are at the right place.

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Treat bed bugs using effective chemicals
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If bed bugs somehow make it to your home and have been giving you sleepless nights then you can use insecticides in the following forms to treat the problem - sprays, powders, traps or liquids. Check that the insecticide is labeled for bed bug control as not every insecticide is effective against bed bugs. 

Sprays have a better reach and are much easier to use when you are doing this yourself. When using insecticides, remember to avoid any direct application to your bedding, blankets, pillows etc. You can also use powders and liquid insecticide solutions to kill bed bugs. Re-applying the chemical bed bug control solution you use is a must, the first time, followed by a repeat application after 7 to 10 days to kill all bed bugs and prevent the infestation from re-establishing itself.

Step 1 - Bedroom

If your home is under a bed bug enforced siege, first thing you need to do is take your bed apart, frame by frame. This exercise will give a pest control service person access to unreachable areas so that insecticides can reach all the way into any small gaps or cracks where bed bugs may be hiding.

Step 2 - Your Home

Ask the pest control service to spray around the periphery of all rooms, cupboards, the feet of wooden furniture even the walls if need be. depending on the chemical insecticide being used you will be advised about the suitability of spraying various surfaces in your home, for instance,water is often used to dilute liquid pesticides and cannot be sprayed on or around electrical fittings like switchboards.

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Insecticides are an effective way to kill bed bugs
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Step 3 - Let The Chemical Work

Now that you have sprayed your home thoroughly, you need to shut all doors and windows and leave your home,this could be up to a few hours or overnight, as advised by the pest control personnel. On re-entering your home, open all the windows and air your home to let any toxic insecticide remnants escape. 

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Allow chemical to work its magic on the bed bugs
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Prevention is better than cure! And this is never more true than for bed bugs that are seeing a resurgence in cities. If the infestation in your home is not severe, you may be able to control the problem yourself.  If you regularly store insecticides in your home, you should consider investing in corrosive storage cabinets. These cabinets help to prevent chemicals getting into the wrong hands and makes dealing with spills easier and safer.

You not only need to be cautious when handling insecticides but also really patient because eradicating bed bugs can be notoriously tough as the bug's life cycle makes it notoriously resistant to chemical insecticides approved for use in indoor environments. Remember the ultimate idea is to harm the bugs, not you!



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