7 Handyman Hiring Secrets You Should Know

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Hire a handyman for small fixes around your home
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Every home has its share of little, and big, "to-do's" that pile up inevitably and if you are hiring a handyman to fix something that cannot be added to that list and needs to be fixed ASAP you might as well get the rest of that list done in the same go! At the very least you may be able to negotiate a discount with the handyman and save a few bucks.
Plus, it also pays to know these little secrets for getting work done faster and cheaper when hiring a handyman, especially important if you are paying by the hour.
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Know where the electric and water mains are 
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1. Know Where Your Mains Are!

Knowing where your water and electrical mains are, labeled for the rooms they service, and knowing how to shut them ( if possible shut off in advance) is a huge time saver, so when the handyman shows up so he can get right down to the job without trying to locate switches and valves.
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Re-use paint supplies from a previous painting job 
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2. Use Supplies You Own

Using materials and supplies you have lying about from a previous project or renovation will save you money and save the handyman the time needed to go out and buy supplies. If you are very lucky, leftover materials from a previous job may cover all your repairs!
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Get everything on your to do list done
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3. Get Everything Done

As mentioned before, break out that list of unfinished chores around the house and get it all done. You may be able to negotiate a discount with the handyman, get everything done in one clean sweep and get a discount to save money too!
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have your handyman on speed dial
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4. Always Have Contact Numbers Handy

Having a good handyman on speed dial can be a lifesaver when you wake up to a leaky pipe or worse a clogged pipe and no water in the taps! Using one handyman/ service consistently will let you develop a rapport, leading to prompt and better future service.
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Get a written quote for your jobs
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5. Get A Quote

We recommend getting a written quote from your handyman, if possible, to avoid any misunderstandings. If you are not taking a quote in writing, define the final price and all that is to be done/ included at the end of the negotiation once again and clarify any doubts that you or your handyman may have upfront.
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Get a service guarantee
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6. Back-up Service

Done with negotiating a price? Well, no price is really worth paying if the work done is of inferior quality? Plus, you'll face another breakdown/ repeat of the same problem in a week. Handymen who guarantee their work will make you feel more confident, ask for a back-up service guarantee incase the same problem persists or recurs soon.
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Provide a ladder and other common tools
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7. Provide Common Tools

While you may not have a vast collection of electrical tools or 20 kinds of screw-drivers, it is always a good idea to provide rudimentary tools like a ladder which is difficult to carry about for a handyman. It will save time and get your work done more efficiently rather than a handyman perched on a rickety stool trying to reach high up electrical wiring! 
Put our 7 secrets into practice the next time you hire a handyman for the odd jobs around your home and be sure to tell us how right we were!

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