Our Ultimate Wish-List! Dream-tastic Gadgets For Your Kitchen!

This is our dream list of nifty gadgets for the kitchen! There's no ban on dreaming, and these innovative ideas are easily do-able even though they may be a little bit of a stretch on the wallet, this stuff will make cooking a breeze and your time in the kitchen a pleasure! 

The Kitchen Pad

Addicted to your tablet? A dedicated tablet for the kitchen will let you connect super easily to your favorite apps, order groceries while you stir a pot of soup or search for a recipe or replacement ingredient on the spot. Or simply watch something funny trending on Youtube while you wait on the curry to cook!

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A wall mounted tablet for the kitchen
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Rotimatic makes fresh rotis, from scratch, hot, to your liking without you ever having to roll a ball of dough! This sensational gadget is so much common sense that it is an absolute wonder no one thought it up before. Not available in India yet (Can we know why rotimatic?), it is available to pre-order in limited batches for $599 a pop on their website and still sells out faster than you can say "Rotimatic"!

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The Rotimatic Machine
Image - Rotimatic.com

Transparent Toaster

No more burnt toast ever again! The transparent toaster is already a reality if you fancy it? It goes in the "new and pricey" category but looks like so much fun we had to give it a spot on our list! A hi-tech bright spot for breakfast! The fancier versions will even crisp your toast in patterns like smileys to cheer up the family, and we're not kidding!

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The transparent toaster!
Image - Incrediblethings.com

Hot Air Popper

You're wondering why this little gadget is on the list? It's only a popcorn popper after all, well, consider this, the hot air popper uses no oil and above all is as good for cooking all your favorite dried Indian snacks like papads using only hot air, so no more deep frying equals a cleaner, spatter-free kitchen and a healthier you. It makes our list because we're re-purposing it to fit the Indian kitchen, remember you heard it here first!

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Hot air popper, for popcorn and papad!
Image - Toptenreviews.com

Mango Slicer

Mango season is coming up, and slicing as many mangoes as you can eat will happen in a jiffy with this nifty mango slicer! Available online (made by companies like OXO) and definitely worth ordering in our books, this is the cheapest nifty gadget on our list and so seasonally appropriate too!

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Mango slicing made easy!
Image - Buyvaluablestuff.com

Hope you liked our list? It was so much fun putting together this wishlist of ideas for the Indian kitchen, we can't wait to hear your comments. If you decide to add one of these gadgets to your kitchen, HomeTriangle pros will come in handy for putting in the electrical wiring, extra plug points or setting up the tablet on the wall, keep us on speed dial! Then all that's left to do is tell us about how much fun you're having using them!

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