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Given the pace and the many demands on your time, these hand-picked kitchen cleaning hacks are going to go a long way in improving your standard of living!

The kitchen is the one room in the home that gets rigorous use everyday and bears the onslaught of smells from the food, water used to clean and wipe down surfaces and dirty dishes as well as food and oil spatter from the actual cooking. No other room in the home can be as demanding as the kitchen when it comes to cleaning! You not only need to clean to maintain good hygiene but you also need to clean with products that will not contaminate your food or leave a harmful residue on kitchen surfaces. 
Given the pace of modern life and the many demands on your time, these hand picked kitchen cleaning hacks are going to go a long way in improving your standard of living!

Clean Oil With Oil

It may seem odd to dab oil on the sticky, difficult to clean oil splatter on kitchen counters or the gas stove but try it once and watch as the oil comes away easily. Soap or detergent take time and effort to clean away stubborn oil splatter. Oil on the other hand will dissolve the oil spatter, its science doing the hard work for you. Dab on a little oil ( you can recycle oil that has been used to fry food) and use a paper towel to clean the surface. So dab on some oil and leave it to do all the dirty work!
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Use oil to clean stubborn oil spatter
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Boiling Water To Keep Drains Clean

Unclogging drains with store bought drain cleaner can release harsh fumes that you don't want anywhere near your kitchen. Prevent build up in your kitchen drains by pouring a generous amount of boiling water ( 2 liters should do the trick very nicely if you are regular) down all outlets at least once a month. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to deodorize the drain if you like. This will keep the drain clear of food, and melt grease, and disinfect as it goes down, and release no fumes, and is better for the environment, now that's a lot of reasons to try this simple hack! 
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Unclog drains with boiling water
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Clean Steel Appliances With Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner is just as effective for cleaning steel appliances as it is for glass, it will remove residue and fingerprint stains to leave your steel appliances looking shiny and streak free. Apply as you would to glass windows or mirrors, and wipe away with a soft clot, buffing in a circular motion as you go.

Newspaper In The Bin

Cleaning the garbage bin is a nasty, smelly job! Line your bin with newspaper to catch any drips that may escape the garbage bag. This way all you have to do is put in a fresh layer of paper if and when the newspaper gets soiled rather than having to clean and wash out the bin itself saving you time and energy and keeping your bin clean and odor free too!
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Newspaper used to line a kitchen bin
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Shine The Sink With Baking Soda

For a shiny steel sink use a paste of baking soda and water to scrub the kitchen sink, or to add a little extra muscle to the cleaning paste make it with vinegar instead of water and use it to clean your steel sink. Your steel sink will be left shiny and squeaky clean too! 
Absolutely no one likes being stuck doing chores on the weekend, and cleaning accumulated dirt and grime from kitchen surfaces can be a time consuming, boring chore. Save time and enjoy it doing other things by trying out our hacks for a cleaner, sparkling kitchen!



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