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We've got 5 easy hacks to take the "crap" out of a crappy job! And we mean low on elbow grease. As a plus, these hacks are low on fumes from harsh cleaning products.

Cleaning the bathroom is absolutely no one's idea of a fun time! Who wouldn't want an easy shortcut around this crappy job? Well, we've got 5 easy hacks to take the "crap" out of a crappy job! And when we say easy, we mean low on elbow grease and as an added plus these hacks are low on the fumes from harsh cleaning products, so that equals good for you and good for the environment too!

Tea To Shine The Mirror

We've advocated using black tea for your wooden floors and your furniture, but who knew that it was good for cleaning bathroom mirrors too? Use a sponge to apply the tea, or mist it on the mirror with a sprayer, then wipe down with a soft cloth. That's it! The tannic acid found in a strong cup of black tea will clean your mirror, leaving it sparkling and all you'll breathe in is the strong smell of a cuppa tea!

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Who knew tea can clean your mirrors
Image - Impratea.co.ke

Transparent Nail Polish To Prevent Rust Stains

This little gem is such a surprising multi-purpose multi-tasker! Use it to stop anything that rusts, from the corner of a tap to the bottom of a can of shaving cream, apply a thin coat of clear nail polish and rust stains will be a thing of days gone by. Transparent nail polish is also a great way to prevent rust from attacking metal fixtures in the bathroom where moisture levels are high. Apply a thin coat of nail polish to metal door and cabinet handles to prevent rust.

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Use transparent nail polish to keep your bathroom rust stain-free
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Lemon And Salt To Banish Soap Scum

Resort to your kitchen supplies to clean the bathroom! Half a lemon used to rub coarse salt onto the shower area or tub is a fabulous way to get rid of accumulated soap scum. Plus, that fresh lemony smell is the real thing, not that fake perfume out of a bottle of extra strong cleaning liquid that could hurt your hands and pollutes the environment to boot.

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Use lemon and salt to scrub away soap scum
Image - Spicestationsilverlake.com

Vinegar In A Ziplock Unblocks Showerheads

If you live in a hard water area, your shower head is on a continuous cycle of being blocked every few months and you are exasperated with the process of scrubbing it clean! This is such a simple hack, put a cup or two of vinegar (the cheap, synthetic kind will do just fine) in a ziplock,or plastic bag, and tie it around your wall mounted shower head, making sure that the head is completely immersed in the liquid. Leave overnight for the vinegar to do its magic! Checkout the results in the before and after pic below.

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Vinegar cleans blocked shower head 
Image - Listotic.com

Clean Grout With Baking Soda And Bleach

Stained and moldy grout is the worst of bathroom cleaning problems that not only never cleans out completely, but keeps coming back in the same spots. If you are at wits end with your stained grout, that looks unsightly and could be a health hazard, and if you've used every product on the market to get rid of it with no luck at all, this is the hack for you! Make a paste of baking soda and bleach (remember to wear gloves when you do this), use an old toothbrush to apply the paste to the grout, leaving it to work for 10 to 15 minutes. Now use the toothbrush to scrub the paste away, paying attention to stubborn stains. Re-apply if needed or if using this hack for the first time.

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Tile grout cleaned with baking soda and bleach
Image - Askannamoseley.com

Have a bathroom cleaning hack or two of your own? Or loved the ones we just shared? Write in to us and we'll feature your hack if its awesome and does the job better than we hoped!



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