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Bring the Holi spirit into your home decor with these ideas that are so simple. A great way to throw a Holi brunch or dinner party with friends and neighbours.

Happy Holi! Holi is such a colorful holiday, full of the color of life, festive banter and playfulness, bringing out the child in every adult and indulging the naughty side of every child with the license to make a colorful mess for once, and without any repercussions too! 

Bring the colorful Holi spirit into your home decor with these gorgeous ideas that are so simple to do! A great way to throw a Holi brunch or dinner party and wow your friends and neighbors with artfully put together colorful displays.

Colored Displays

Whether in the kitchen, the living room or the study, use super-bright colorful paper behind books and dishes to add Holi cheer to decor. This DIY is simply done by cutting paper to size and using double sided sticky tape to hold it in place for a few days, take down in a week or so when you have enjoyed the colors!

Article Image
Use colorful paper on shelf backs
Image - Resoulrocks.com

A Colorful Rug

Bring in color by using a bunch of colorful cushions on the couch in the living area or rugs on the floor in the living room, a colorful doormat to welcome your guests festively or in the kids room put down a fresh set of protective padding in really bright colors. A great way to add color to a baby's room is a DIY colorful crib mobile.

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Colorful rug in a living room
Image - Prettydesigns.com
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Colorful cushions on the couch
Image - Homepunch.com

Re-purpose/ Up-cycle

Look around your home for articles to re-purpose or re-cycle for Holi decor, you'll be doing the environment a favor and creating one of a kind, unique decor for your home, now who doesn't want that? In the pic below old tyres have been re-purposed in a colorful avatar as pots for colorful seasonal flowers. This is a great way to showcase your gardening skills and your frugal chic ideas that are eco-friendly. Create a happy and bright display in the garden or balcony since that is where you are most likely to play Holi!

Article Image
Re-purposed tyres painted bright colors and used as pots
Image - Blog.bop.in

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Beautiful and fragrant flower rangoli
Image - Amazingpunch.com

Go Traditional

If you are talented with rangoli designs create a free-hand rangoli to showcase your skills, use flowers to bring color and fragrance to your home, especially if you are creating a rangoli near the main door that will add festive cheer and uplifting perfume to welcome your guests and well wishers into your home. If you find rangoli a challenge, fear not, there are ready made rangoli templates available in the market that can create intricate and varied designs or alternately consider buying ready crystal rangoli patterns which also looks gorgeous!

Do you have a unique Holi decor idea that combines color, tradition and contemporary decor? Do share it with us today while we all celebrate the festival of color!



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