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Want to prevent rust from bleeding back onto your handrails or garden equipment? Here is how you can go about it in step by step process.

Metal furniture, grills and main gates are gloriously beautiful but anything made of metal does come with its own limitations. As glamorous as metal furniture appears in conjunction with the rest of your decor, it is also prone to damage from rust. Rust not only looks ugly but can lead to further damage, and staining, if left untreated. 

Want to prevent rust from bleeding back onto your handrails or garden equipment? Proper preparation before painting is the key. Here is how you can go about it in step by step process.

Use Primer

Regardless of how rust has been removed from the surface, priming still holds a crucial place in the metal painting process. You can instruct the painter to simply spray on metal primer. However, in case the surface is pockmarked or scratched, the depressions will need to be filled in first and then primer-ed. Surface preparation is the thin line between a good or bad painter job. Ask the painter to clean the surface before applying primer.

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Apply a coat of primer 
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Pick High Quality Paint

Here you've been working so hard to prepare your metal furniture for a new coat of paint and the next thing you do is buy a cheap one! This is worse than not priming the metal surface. Inexpensive variants of paint have less pigment and virtually no rust inhibitors. It is better to invest a bit more in a paint that inherently prevents rust from creeping in because you get an added layer of protection from the zinc additives in the paint.

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The key to a successful paint job is good quality paint
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Protective Top Coat

The painter can either use a brush or a spray to paint the surface. Regardless of what method you choose, it is important to protect the upper layer with clear top coat. You will not only add a glossy finish but also increase the life of the paint by reducing paint oxidation levels.

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Spray on a coat of paint to prevent further rusting
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Buy Galvanized Metal

The metal galvanization process offers an extra layer of coating made of zinc to prevent corrosion. This is especially helpful for outdoor railings or patio furniture that are exposed to changing weather conditions. Since zinc is more reactive than the metal itself, it protects it from rusting. You can further extend the life of the zinc by coating it with paint or treating it with anti-corrosion solutions.

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Choose galvanized metal for outdoor furniture
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Metal bars and furniture have a way of augmenting exterior decor with their simple presence. They may appear demanding, but just follow these steps to prevent rust creeping on to metal surfaces and with a little caution and the right treatment, they can be enjoyed and made to last for a very long time!



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