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Some mistakes are very common when painting and need no additional insight, there are some 'not so obvious' mistakes that are just as responsible for shoddy work.

Painting your home can be taxing and not knowing potential painting problem areas can result in an unsatisfactory paint job in the end. The entire experience can be frustrating and while some mistakes are very common and need no additional insight, there are some 'not so obvious' mistakes that are just as responsible for shoddy work. 

Here is a list of the blunders to avoid by being more 'hands on' and not leaving everything to the painter.

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Protect windows, light switches and other trim from paint damage

Improper Preparation

Planning prep-work in the initial stages can save you a lot of crucial time and headache in the end. Cover the floor and furniture with cloth to avoid drips and damage from accidental spills. You can also wrap door knobs with a plastic cling film, remove switch covers and apply tape around any trims so that paint damage can be prevented. If walls require any pre-paint repair work, make sure that to have it done before the paint job begins. 

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Cover floors with drop-cloth to prevent drips
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Painting Dirty Walls

It is annoying to notice dust particles and loose hair stuck in the paint on the walls. Be proactive and clean your walls before paint work begins. Simple wiping down walls or using a vacuum cleaner will do the trick. Don’t forget the ceiling and corners!

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Clean walls before painting
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The Wrong Paintbrush

To get impeccable finish and quality application, you need brushes that are compatible with the paint that is being used. For instance, latex paints need nylon/polyester bristles for even brush strokes and oil based paints require a natural bristle brush. If you are investing in premium quality paints, don’t cut back on good brushes. Spending a little more on good brushes or rollers up front is definitely worth the extra expense.

Not Taking Weather Into Account

This goes without saying, the weather is critical to the success of good a paint job, especially when you are painting the exterior of your home. Check in advance the average humidity levels in your city at the time of year that you plan to paint your home. Water based paints will take forever to dry out in high levels of humidity and are prone to damage. It is better to delay the paint job by a few days than living with walls that refuse to dry!

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Keeo the weather in general, and the humidity levels in particular, in mind
Image - 75fahrenheit.com

Wrong Paints

Restoring old furniture or freshly painting walls? They all require quality paints meant for that particular surface. Choosing the right paint for a surface may require professional intervention which will prove to be money well spent when you see the final outcome. In the absence of proper guidance, paint may crack and peel after sometime which is not only an extra expense to repair but will also be an eye sore.

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Pick the right type of paint for the surface being painted
Image - Drpaintcentre.co.za

To err is human, but isn't it almost divine to know beforehand how to avoid these super silly mistakes? Being proactively involved in your home projects will result in cost saving even before the project starts, not to mention that the quality of the job will be much better in the end. 




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