Buying A Chandelier? Find The Right One For You

There is so much ambiance and style a chandelier can add to a room, but only when done right! A really large, opulent chandelier in a small, contemporary room may seem overpowering and a small one may get lost in the decor. So what are the points to keep in mind when buying a chandelier?

Height And Width

Take into account both the height and the width of the chandelier, the height will determine the drop from the ceiling and the width will determine the spread of the chandelier at its widest point. These dimensions are especially important when placing a chandelier over a dining table or in a room with a low ceiling height. When placing a chandelier over a dining table for instance, the spread of the chandelier should be at least one third the width of the table for visual balance, any smaller may seem insignificant and lopsided while larger will look top heavy. 

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This chandelier balances the dining table it is placed ablove
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It is pertinent to point out that ceiling heights themselves can vary from room to room in a home, so measure the height of the ceiling at the exact spot that you plan to install the chandelier. 

Think About Decor 

The chandelier should not stick out like a sore thumb in the decor scheme of things! Chandeliers tend to be statement pieces that command attention, drawing the eye instantly, but if a chandelier clashes with the overall decor in the room, the whole effect can end up looking hideous rather than pleasing. Remember that the chandelier is the focus piece but needs to complement the style of the other pieces, like furniture and accessories, in the area.

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This crystal chandelier is too small to make an impact in such a large room
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When you've considered placement and decor suitability, the other qualities to consider when buying a chandelier are the materials used to make it, the amount of light it emits, does it have a dimmer attachment for mood lighting? Chandeliers can make a room look regal and luxurious, becoming conversation pieces in themselves, choosing one carefully can bring a large dose of instant style to a boring room! Try it, and better still, tell us about it... 

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