Putting Up Wall Art? How To Get It Right The First Time Without Making Multiple Holes In Your Wall

The first thing to remember when putting up anything on your wall is never ever eyeball it! You will end up with a wall that has multiple holes in the wrong place before getting it right, and worse, the painting will still be at the wrong height or place, and will actually take away from the room's decor rather than adding to it. 

So how do you get it right, in one go, at the first try? It's really simple!

Paper Cut Outs

A great way to see how a collection of wall art will look in a particular setting, as well as in relation to one another, is to make identical sized paper cut outs for each piece of art that you want to put up and pasting them to the intended spot on the wall with masking tape. It will give you a visual idea of the final look and let you play around with the grouping till you get it just right. This is a great way to try out the placement of almost anything you plan to display on your walls, apply the same idea when hanging up a clock, mirrors, wall hangings, even light fixtures and lamps!

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Paper cut outs will give you a visual idea of the final look
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The final look
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Art At Eye Level

Art should be hung so that its center is at eye level. Eye level for the average human being is anywhere between 57 to 60 inches. To put up art at the right height so its center rests at eye level, place a mark on the wall at 57 inches above the floor, now measure the height of your painting and divide by 2, add that number to 57 inches to arrive at the right height for the top of the painting to sit. Compensate for painting hanging hardware (that may not be placed at this level) by measuring from the point that the taut hanging wire or hook sits at the back of the painting to the top edge of the painting and subtract this from the total number before. This is the point to place the nail in the wall so that the center of the painting is exactly at eye level.

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The center of the painting should rest at 57 inches
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Make sure to try out multiple placements and groupings with the paper cut-outs before making a final decision to drill a hole in the wall, and when you do, use sturdy nails and other hardware to hold the painting in place and take its weight. Also, keep in mind the placement of electrical wiring and any concealed features in your walls and steer clear of those spots. 

Did we miss anything? How did you put up your favorite piece of art?

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