Just Moved Into An Apartment With Wooden Floors? Here Are 5 Tips To Clean Them Right

Have you recently relocated to a new apartment or home with wooden floors? Then, caring for them and cleaning them right is important to you to ensure that they stay in good shape for years to come. Wooden floors are different from other conventional types of tiled flooring characteristic of many Indian homes. Wooden floors need more attention and can be quite demanding, especially for first-timers. That said, let’s head straight for some basic tips that can make the job a tad easier!

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Warm and Comfortable Wooden Floors
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Vacuum Wooden Floors Instead of Sweeping Them

Fine dust and dirt tend to settle snugly between the boards of wooden floors and simply sweeping the floor will not suffice to clean them thoroughly. Vacuuming, on the other hand, effectively draws out dirt, dust, pet hair, dust mites and almost all debris from the floor boards. Use the vacuum cleaner attachment for wooden floors to avoid scratches or dents. Do not experiment with steam cleaners and if at all you choose to sweep the floor, use a broom or duster with soft bristles.

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Remember! Wooden floors are quite sensitive
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Don’t Ever Attempt To Wash Wooden Floors or Moisten Them With Water Before Mopping

The usual cleaning routine of sweeping the floor, followed by mopping it with generous amounts of water does is a no-no for wooden floors. Pouring water on the floor before mopping it or using a dripping wet mop is also taboo. Make sure to wring out as much water from the mop as possible before cleaning  your wood floors. Remember to quickly wipe any spills or deposits with a damp piece of cloth, to avoid stains.

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Water can penetrate wood and cause it to warp
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Avoid Using Detergents, Ammonia, or Oil-Based Soaps To Clean The Floor

Ammonia is basically a bleaching agent. Using it to dull or remove persistent stains is but natural but this will damage wood floors and strip away the surface finish, especially with regular use. Detergents, waxes, liquid polishes and oil-based soaps usually leave an additional layer on the floor; some cleaners may make them slippery and affect the sheen as well.

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Stained wood is expensive to fix
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Check Out Homemade Cleaning Formulations

Custom cleaning solutions can be prepared at home from tried and tested recipes.  One safe and effective alternative is black tea. Steep few tea bags in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Dilute the tea with lukewarm water, then dip a soft cloth or a mop in this liquid, wring out excess water and get on with the task!

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Black Tea – a simple tried and tested homemade cleaner
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Get To Know Your Wood Floors

Wooden flooring options are aplenty. Getting to know the type of wooden flooring installed in your home, and its finish, will make all the difference when it comes cleaning it right and maintaining it well. If your wooden flooring is from a specific brand or company, check for "manufacturer recommended" cleaning products and stick to them to ensure the health and appearance of the floor.

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Different types floor finishes
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The ideal way to clean a wooden floor however, is to regularly sweep or vacuum it, cleaning spills instantly with a dry cotton or paper towel, and mopping the floor about once a week with a dry/damp mop (with a soft / micro-fiber head and all water wrung out of it! ) combined with a sprayed on cleaning agent.

Happy Cleaning!


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