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Missing natural light? You will be surprised at the difference natural light can bring to a room! Give any one of these 5 bright ideas a spin to lighten up your Houses with ease.

Missing natural light? If your home is feeling dark and dingy even on days that the sun is shining brightly outdoors, here are a few suggestions to bring in that sunny feeling with a tweak here and there. You will be surprised at the difference natural light can bring to a room!  
Give any one of these 5 bright ideas a spin to lighten up your interiors today.

Clean Your Window Panes

Don't think cleaning window glass will make a difference? Think again! Clean all window panes inside and out to remove dirt and grime that subtly blocks light and dulls it. Clean glass will let natural light stream in clear and bright!
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Clean windows let natural light stream in 
Image - Dixib.com

Paint Color In Question

Never thought paint color could make a difference to the amount of light in a room? Wrong again! Darker paint colors absorb light, making rooms seem smaller and under lit. Light colors open up a room by reflecting more light, making it seem better lit, naturally! If you are stuck with a dark decor/color theme, opt for more reflective surfaces and glossy paint that will better reflect light.
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Light colors make a small room look more spacious
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Replace Solid Doors

Replacing a solid wood door with one made of opaque glass will make a world of difference to a dark foyer area or room. If safety is a factor consider replacing only higher-up panels in doors with glass or installing a skylight in a stairwell for example, both options will let in more natural light than a solid door.
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Glass interior doors let light move through the home
Image - Fotohacker.com

Outdoor Trim 

Sometimes all that is blocking the light from coming into your home is something outdoors! Evaluate your garden with a critical eye to determine if any of your precious plants are keeping natural light out of your home and then strategically trim any plants that are acting as light blockers. This will also give you an opportunity to create a better view when looking out from your windows!
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Trim trees that block light near windows 
Image - Keepingupwithmrssmith.com

Mirror Mirror 

Mirrors reflect light and therefore help make a room look better lit. In a small room, adding a large mirror creates a reflective surface that will bounce back all light, making your room feel bigger and better lit too!
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A mirror lightens up a dark color theme in a dining room
Image - Hometrendesign.com

Natural light is the best accent to your home, bringing out the nuances of your interiors and letting your decor shine. Try one of these simple ideas today to up the natural light in your home and share the fabulous results with us ASAP!



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