DIY - Essential Oil Room Fresheners That Act As Insect Repellents Too!

These are many room fresheners available on the market in the forms of sprays, scented candles, pot pourri etc., but synthetic fragrance often contain VOCs (Volatile Organic compounds) that are harmful to your health. Also, mosquito repellent creams often contain the chemical DEET and plug in mosquito repellents essentially use the chemical called allethrin , a pesticide type called pyrethoid, and contain  with an added synthetic fragrance, all are harmful in large doses. Natural options like essential oils are a green alternative to chemical room fresheners and bug repellents and can be as effective when used correctly while sparing you and your family an unnecessary dose of noxious chemicals. 

While large scale, established bug infestations will definitely need the attention of a pest control professional and are best addressed as soon as possible, handle the everyday nuisance of pests like mosquitoes, moths and flies with these DIY alternatives at home, for a naturally sweeter smelling, fresh home.

Citrus And Lavender 

The essential oils of citrus plants and lavender are natural repellents to silver fish that can be found in your closets and can cause damage to your woolens. Since winter is just about over, use these essential oils to keep these critters at bay. A drop or two of essential oil applied directly on the wood in a drawer or shelf will get absorbed and slowly release into your closet making it smell good and keeping it clear of nasty insects alternately add a few drops to the last rinse cycle in the washing machine.

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Lavender essential oil repels silver fish

Lemongrass And Citronella

Other than their spicy citrus fragrance that will perfume your home, lemongrass and citronella essential oils will keep flies and mosquitoes at bay. Use the essential oil in a diffuser, if you don't have one just put a drop or two on a conventional  bulb (Not CFL or LED type bulbs) and switch on, alternatively place in a small porous clay jar and place on a sunny window sill. The heat from the bulb or the sun diffuses the oil, all three alternatives work and provide similar results.

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Lemongrass essential oil keeps flies and mosquitoes at bay

Eucalyptus And Lemon

Add a few drops of eucalyptus or lemon essential oils to daily mop water to spread the fragrance subtly throughout your home. These essential oils will also protect bugs that crawl along the floor and are a deterrent to ants.

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Lemon essential oil deters ants and crawling insects


Spiders do not like strong smells and absolutely detest peppermint. Put a few drops of peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle and top with water, shake well and spray around door and window frames to discourage spiders and to make your home minty fresh! Be careful when spraying polished wooden surfaces as the essential oil may react with the polish and leave permanent marks. To avoid damage spray an unobtrusive corner, let dry and inspect it, before spraying an entire door frame.

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Spiders detest the smell of peppermint 

Essential oils are a wonderful alternative in a home with an infant, little children and anyone prone to skin irritation or allergies from synthetic fragrances and chemical bug repellents. Have you used an essential oil as a home fragrance cum insect repellent with great results? Share your tips and triumphs in the comments section below.

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