Create More Space By Adding A Room Divider

Facing the realities of living in ever shrinking apartments and rising real estate prices? That may be the reality of urban dwelling spaces but innovative design elements like room dividers can add space in the smallest of homes when used right. use a room divider  to create a home office, a private seating or to just demarcate your living and dining spaces. Room dividers can be used to conquer the space conundrum or just to add an interesting decor element, a touch of whimsy or create a focal point in a room. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to experiment with a room divider, we have a few interestingly different statement making suggestions to get you decorating!

Green Divide

Like to garden? But don't have the space in your apartment? Create a green wall to divide any room, provide privacy and create an unusual decor element that purifies indoor air too! All this while it looks good and is the perfect solution for your green thumb, the environment and home decor. When choosing plants remember to pick indoor options suited to the light conditions in the spot you are planning to create the divider. Money plants or create a potted wall. Who could ask for more? 

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Use plants to create a 'green' room divider

Curtains Up

Curtains are the oldest room dividers around, using them inventively in a long room can create both atmosphere and cordon of space to offer privacy when needed while still allowing for the flexibility of moving them easily out of the way. In small rooms, curtains in light shades of fabric that is also light are better suited to fostering a feeling of space than dark colors and heavy fabric that may end in the room looking even more claustrophobic. Tie up curtains dramatically to a side for added drama in decor. 

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Light curtains let in the light as well as cordon off the dining area when required

Screen Spaces

A floor to ceiling room divider can be used to effectively screen spaces, but stretching the idea a little may let you use the divider itself as a multipurpose addition to your room. Think of the divider as a headboard for your bed that also screens off the closet area, adds a striking decor touch to the bedroom and to get that last little bit of extra mileage out of the divider attach a console table shelf to the back to function as a vanity or dresser.

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Use a screen as a headboard and attach a shelf at the back to create a dresser

Books And Other Collections 

A room divider is the perfect way to add a display unit to a room, just use the display unit itself as the divider or create a divider out of the the things that you want to put on display! A bookshelf is one easy solution that adds character and warmth to any room by putting your library on display, other interesting ideas are creating an art wall or screen, artfully displaying collectibles like LPs or any other collections that you may possess.

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This living room divider (pictured as seen from the side and back) is used as a display wall for an art collection

Have you used a different room divider idea to add interest to a hum drum room? Did it help you create privacy and space both? Do share your ideas and experiences with us in the comments section below.

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