Planning A Renovation? 4 Not To Miss Interior Design Trends For 2015

Your home interiors are embossed with your personality, making your home distinctly yours. We've listed 4 of the top interior trends for 2015 for you to interpret your way and to give your efforts direction, during the renovation you have planned for this year. Read on to create a home interior that is sublimely 'on trend'. Choose the trend that suits your tastes and translate into a personal interior design and decor statement.

Return To Nature

Bringing back a feel of the natural to fast paced, busy and regimented lives is one of the top interior trends for 2015. Imagine all things natural; natural wood like driftwood for a rustic feel, colors from nature like sand and burnt clay, as well as textures and patterns that are found in nature like a beehive pattern that lets you incorporate a naturally occurring geometric. This trend echos nature to create a feeling of being ensconced in nature itself rather than surrounded by modern, hi-tech gadgetry.
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Honeycomb pattern tiles in a bathroom 

Deep Blue

Deep blue has been on the radar of interior designers for a few years now, showing up in accent walls and soft furnishings, it is now finding its place front and center as a statement color for 2015 because of its versatility. Deep blue is moody enough to be combined with grays and blacks in a masculine room and still hold its own, with browns and beiges to create a warm atmosphere with an edge or to be paired with stark whites for a fresh new look.
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Combining two trends - Deep blue walls and a statement light in a dining room

Vintage Accents In The Bath

Vintage accents are finding their way to every corner of your home, even to the bathroom! Add a vintage accent to your bathroom in the form of a claw-foot tub, vintage hand painted tiles or pick smaller pieces like vintage display trays or soap dishes for truly unique, one of a kind decor. Looking for vintage? Buying vintage has become easier with online sellers and flea markets as well as retail stores that specialize in vintage or reproduction pieces.
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Combining two trends - Vintage tiles and a honeycomb detail cabinet

Statement Lights

Statement lights made of industrial metal pieces or contrasting warm colored metals, like brass, nickel and copper, are very much in vogue and are easily paired with decor in classic, contemporary traditional or modern rooms. Bring in a statement light like the cluster light pictured below that features a combination of hand-blown glass in an orb-like shape paired with an industrial pin like extension to create a uniquely contemporary statement.
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Combining two trends - Industrial statement lights and a 'natural look' dining table

Sometimes the best way to make a trend your own is to go the entire way with it, for instance don't shrink from the deep blue trend, put it on the walls and the ceiling, at other times making a smaller addition to a room creates a punchy decor statement without overpowering your decor themes like a statement light fixture. This may be an easier option when you want a fresh look without going in for an expensive remodel  but will still change your room instantly with just one addition,.

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