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Opting for professional pest control services, can help identify and quell infestation risks in time, or thoroughly clear up and treat the affected area.

Household pests not only prove to be irritants but can pose severe health concerns or even cause structural damage to your home, if left unnoticed over time. While using popular branded pest control products may help curb pest populations temporarily, there is always a possibility of recurrence or in worse cases infestation. Opting for professional pest control services, can help identify and quell infestation risks in time, or thoroughly clear up and treat the affected area.  

Here are some important questions you need to ask before hiring a pest control company, apart from checking for credibility and valid references.

What is the Scope of Services offered? Do they address your problem?

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From ants and cockroaches to rats, termites and bedbugs, there are number of pests that are found across different parts of the country.  Ascertain the scope and nature of services, and make sure that the service provider has the necessary skill, experience and technique to deal with the specific problem you are facing before proceeding further.

Will the place need to be evacuated? If so, for how long will your home be off limits?

If the service provider can remedy the problem, check for how long and how extensively the premises needs to be evacuated. This may vary depending on several factors such as the pest itself, severity of the problem and damage, type of pesticide treatment applied, etc.

It is also important to ask if treated areas should be left undisturbed for some time for the pesticides to act effectively. This may even mean that the space can’t be swept or mopped. You may need to plan ahead to counter the unavailability of treated spaces.

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Defer cleaning until the pesticide gel or spray settles in

How safe are the products used for extermination? Will the effects be long lasting?

Pesticides are not necessarily harmless or odorless. Even eco-friendly products may not be suitable for human beings. It is safer to keep children and pets away from treated spaces for as long as it takes for the effects to wear off. Being aware of the products and solutions that will be used for pest control and their possible effects can help minimize exposure.

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Organic alternatives score high

How long before the pests are cleared? Will they resurface?

Getting rid of pests is not an instant process. Knowing by when your home will be rid of the pest, for approximately how long it will stay pest-free and any additional precautionary measures can help prevent a recurrence. Ask the pest control service for additional information to instill confidence in the pest-control measure and the service provider.

Are there any guarantees being offered? Will you need to pay for the next visit?

Just one visit from pest control crew many not be sufficient to clear a severe infestation. Is there a contract that one can avail to systematically address pest problems? How many visits should be expected during the contract period? Will the crew address the problem for free if pests resurface before the next scheduled visit?

Finally, consider the overall package - service quality, price and guarantee before signing up for the right pest control services.



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