Do-It-Yourself - Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Carpets take a beating in an actively used home, especially in high traffic areas, and as much as we would like to always clean our favorite rugs or carpets professionally, it is not always possible to do that for economic reasons. However, if you follow these simple DIY steps, you will be able to maintain rugs and keep them looking good as new. Here are some steps to help you keep your carpets clean. 

Routine Cleaning

Vacuum clean your carpets once a week to suck out loose dirt that has settled inside the fibers. When cleaning a room with wall to wall carpet, divide the area into quadrants to treat them properly. Clean a section at a time slowly, so that vacuum suction can eliminate all stubborn dirt from the carpet surface. Pay a little more attention to high traffic areas in your home, especially living areas or corridor carpeting. You can also treat any bad odour emanating from the carpet by adding baking soda to the bag of your vacuum cleaner

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Cleaning of the carpet using vacuum cleaner

Stain Removal

When dealing with a stained carpet, much of the damage will be done if you do not take immediate corrective action and the stain may become permanent. Act on the stain immediately by removing all solid particles from the carpet surface. Get a clean and dry cloth to soak up as much liquid and grease as possible from the core of the fibers.

Once the stain is suitably dry, quickly apply a cleaning agent. Before you smear the stain with any cleaning solution, be sure to check its compatibility with the surface by applying on a small test area first, to ensure that it does not damage the carpet. If you do not have a cleaning solution, you can use products that are readily available in your home like the soda, peroxide and ammonia, which have been proven highly effective in treating stains. The effectiveness of any cleaning option depends on the type of stain. In some cases stains may need to be treated by a professional.

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DIY stain removing solution at home

Clean your carpets with care by following these simple and easy to do steps. A professional carpet cleaning is still recommended at least twice every year to clean the core of the carpet that the suction of normal household vacuum machines are not able to access.


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