Hiring Independent Service Providers - Questions To Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

Troubleshooting and remedying problems with electrical wiring, fittings and appliances need expert attention for an accurate and safe job. Not all self-professed electricians know their job well and this is good reason to verify if the local electrician is up to the task at hand and if he will meet your expectations.

Here’s what to look for when hiring an electrician, apart from ascertaining credibility and trustworthiness.

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Hire a skilled expert with the knowledge to handle complicated wiring and to use the right tools

Skilled Expert

Most self-employed local electricians are those who are self-taught or guided by their mentors.   Few undergo basic vocational training. They usually hone their knowledge and skills over time working on different projects, sometimes under qualified supervisors.

Skill requirements vary based on the nature and extent repair. While minor tasks like replacing a burnt fuse or remedying short circuit need can be taken up by any electrician, electrical installations and wiring should be entrusted with licensed electrical contractors, certified by the government.

Experience Matches Nature of Work

An electrician should be adept at the specific type of electrical job that you are hiring for. Going by experience alone may not prove helpful. For example, working on electrical installations or repairs in large apartment buildings calls for a different set of skills than those needed to address similar jobs in independent houses or villas.

The electrician should be able to study electrical plans of the apartment building/ home, locate and fix the fault without compromising the safety of the premises. This is especially important given the fact that most contemporary homes have concealed wiring and new features like home automation.

Scope Of Services And Costs 

Buying branded, quality fixtures and components is usually part of the job. Time permitting, it is common for knowledgeable customers to accompany the electrician to shop for the required material needed for the job. Depending on the type and scope of the task, the number of people who’ll be working on the job, material, and labor charges, costs of electrical repairs or renovations are likely to vary. Requesting a quote for the job at hand with a rough itemized cost, is bound to come in handy when comparing quotes from other electricians.

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Concealed wiring installed in a home

Servicing Electrical Appliances

Most often we seek the help of electricians to check faulty appliances, before calling the respective customer care helpline. Electricians, however, can only check and remedy problems with an external power source. It is also worth noting that plumbers do not double up as electricians or vice versa. In case you are looking for help to fix a motor or water pump, be sure to discuss the specifics upfront.

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We seek the help of electricians to check faulty appliances

Define the problem in the electrical infrastructure, or installation requirements to the potential hire and decide based on how well he is able to handle your queries. 


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