Professionally Cleaning And Sanitizing Your Mattress Is A Must

You spend roughly one third of your life in bed sleeping on a mattress that keeps you comfortable. Cleaning that mattress routinely should be part of a good home cleaning schedule to ensure that surface dirt, grime and other debris are cleared regularly. Any mattress can benefit from a regular vacuum but professionally cleaning and sanitizing your mattress at least twice a year is recommended for many reasons.

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Professionally clean and sanitize your mattress

Prevent Allergies And Asthma

You shed dead skin cells on your mattress while you sleep and this dead skin settles into your mattress over years providing an ideal growing ground for bacteria, mould, fungal spores, viruses and dust mites that feast on this dead skin. While micro-organisms can make you and your family sick, dust mite excreta can cause allergies and aggravate conditions like asthma. Professionally cleaning and sanitizing your mattress will get rid of this settled in minute dust, and dust mites, reducing the chance of sickness and providing marked relief from allergies and asthma symptoms.

Effective Cleaning

Professional mattress cleaning and sanitizing services use industrial vacuum cleaners that have a much higher suction capacity to effectively pull out any settled in dirt and dead skin. Your household vacuum only clears the surface of dirt and debris, industrial vacuums go deeper with stronger suction.

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A mattress being steam cleaned professionally

Remove Nasty Odors

Odors from urine and body fluid stains are notoriously difficult to get rid off from a soiled mattress. Professional cleaning and sanitizing goes deeper into your mattress to destroy the odor causing microbes and bacteria, removing the cause of the odor, leaving your mattress smell free. Professional cleaning and sanitizing for mattresses is especially useful in homes with pets, little children, the sick and elderly.

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UV light being used to sanitize a mattress

Do keep in mind that professional cleaning may involve steaming your mattress in addition to a shampoo and suction method that can only be performed using an industrial vacuum for liquids with higher suction power and the right chemical shampoo for the type of mattress that you own to prevent it being damaged. Professional mattress cleaning and sanitizing services follow various different processes involving different machines and chemicals in a step by step system that is difficult to replicate at home on your own. For example, a professional mattress cleaning and sanitizing service may use UV light to treat your mattress, followed by specialized chemicals or sprays that sanitize your mattress but are still completely safe for you and your family, leaving you with a healthy, safe and sanitized mattress to sleep on!

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