How To Disinfect Your Home After An Illness

The changing of seasons usually brings its own set of bugs and germs that get passed around between kids at school and by the use of public spaces and utilities, leading to many of us falling sick. Dealing with an illness in the family can be taxing and preventing a relapse/ recurrence, or spread of infection, from one person to another in the family is a priority for homemakers and mothers. Hiring a professional cleaner takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders, so considering that option will split your work, making it easier for you to clean your home.

So how should you go about disinfecting and cleaning your home after an illness in the family? Here are a few pointers.

Clear All Garbage

Clearing out all garbage from bins in the sick room, and throughout the house, will get rid of any tissues or medical disposables that are contaminated. Rinsing out bins with a disinfectant solution is also recommended when dealing with contagious illnesses like chickenpox etc. It is also a good idea to discard items that may be contaminated like toothbrushes for instance.

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Clear out all garbage like contaminated tissues 

Clean Surfaces

Sweeping and mopping the floor on a daily basis is a routinely followed cleaning habit in most Indian homes. Add a little disinfectant to the water used to mop your home after an illness. Follow that by wiping down all surfaces in your home with a disinfectant cleaning solution to ensure that germs are cleaned away and don't linger around to be passed on to other family members. Remember to wipe down surfaces like closet, door and wardrobe handles, light switches, remote controls, tablets and keyboards etc.

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Wipe down all surfaces that could harbor germs

Shampoo And Wash

Washing all bed linen and items of clothing used by the sick person at a high temperature will effectively kill any germs but upholstered furniture may require the attention of a professional cleaner to disinfect it. Shampooing upholstery by having it professionally cleaned is recommended, especially if a piece of furniture has been used regularly or soiled by the sick family member. 

Consider Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

As suggested before, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to take some of the work off your hands. A professional cleaning service will provide a sanitizing clean at one go that you may not have the time, energy or inclination to accomplish. This is especially important for the elderly or frail, living on their own, who may not be able to clean up and are at more risk of falling acutely sick without help, or if you, the care provider, is also sick or recovering and in need of assistance. 

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Hire professional cleaners if you too are sick or recovering

Today professional cleaning services offer options like sanitizing of mattresses with UV machines and steam cleaning of bathrooms, that effectively eliminates germs and disease causing elements. Professional cleaning services also use professional grade cleaning agents, detergents and sanitizers combined with industrial grade vacuums and other machines that are potent and complete the job faster while causing the least amount of disruption to your life and schedule.

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