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End of tenancy, moving in or moving out, cleaning packages are quite comprehensive and vary from one service provider to another.

End of tenancy, moving in or moving out, cleaning packages are quite comprehensive and vary from one service provider to another. These packages ideally address cleaning needs for the entire home and may be hired by the tenant vacating or the home owner looking to rent the property again at the earliest. 

As part of end of tenancy cleaning, service providers usually attend to cleaning:

Fittings and Fixtures

The cleaning team takes care of dusting and cleaning light fixtures, switchboards, curtain rods and other fittings, ceiling fans, as well as the exteriors of air-conditioning units, exhaust fans, electric chimneys, and other house hold appliances. Built-in cupboards, cabinets, drawers and modular kitchen spaces are also cleaned.

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Spotless, shiny fixtures are impressive!

Flooring, Tiles and Carpets

Floors are usually swept, washed and mopped clean or vacuumed.  Counter tops, flooring, tiles, and sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms receive the extra attention they deserve. Toilets are cleaned and sanitized, with toilet bowls thoroughly cleaned inside out and other fixtures cleared of suspicious deposits!

Carpets are thoroughly rid of dust and stains using a steam cleaning or dry cleaning process, usually with the help of professional carpet cleaners, for which you are likely to receive a separate receipt.

Doors and Windows

Door and windows frames and glass panes are all cleaned. Cleaning the exteriors of windows is taken up only if they are safely accessible. Clearing walls of cobwebs, wiping skirting, cleaning open shelves and lofts are other things that are usually taken care of.

Additional Services

Specific extra services to clean home appliances, exteriors, furniture upholstery, balconies, walls, and gardens are also available on request, with select service providers.

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Clean hygienic interiors post a comprehensive professional cleaning

Home Appliances

Washing machines, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators in fully furnished residences need are cleaned, and left hygienic and presentable, ready to use for the next tenant who moves in.

Clearing Waste

Ideally, housekeeping chores like clearing waste are handled only on request. Emptying trash cans and left over food is a must to make the space habitable for the new tenants.

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A clean property will go on rent faster

The visual appeal and amenities of a home directly influence the decision of a potential tenant. In fact, they also help justify the rent demanded by the home owner for a well-maintained home that offers the best amenities combined with aspects like location in a safe, residential neighborhoods with good connectivity.

Make sure to sign up for cleaning services from a reputed, trustworthy service provider and to opt for service that covers the entire home.



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