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Here are some measures to double-check an architectural design to weed out any flaws that your architect may have missed.

When building a new home designed by an architect it is only natural to wonder about the quality and feasibility of the finalized design. As a layman you may not be in the best position to evaluate the intricate nuances and implications of a complicated architectural design completely. Hiring another professional like an architect to evaluate the design thoroughly, an interior designer to provide inputs on space sizes, or a quantity surveyor to vet an architectural design for budget constraints etc., will let you review your architect's work accurately.

3 good reasons to hire a professional to double check an architectural design to weed out flaws that your architect may have missed are discussed below.

Cutting Edge Design

If the finalized design is particularly cutting edge, it is advisable to get a second opinion from another reputable architect to ensure that constructing the design is viable and workable within your budget. Translating a cutting edge design to reality may not be the easiest construction job in the world but should not be near impossible either or come at an exorbitant cost. 

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The elevation for a home with cutting edge architectural design

Hire another professional architect to study the design with the critical eye and training of a professional, and pinpoint issues or raise questions that you can subsequently clarify further with your architect, making sure that the issues are addressed to your satisfaction or that required changes are made to the design.

Planning Permissions And Approvals

Having another professional from the construction field vet an architectural design for compliance to local laws and planning requirements is important to ensure that no details have been overlooked. If your architect has informed you that the design calls for special permissions regarding area covered or if the proposed house is to be built closer to the boundary or higher than the allowed limit in your area, ensure that the permissions that the architect has acquired are the right ones, up to date and are complete in all respects. Leaving out permissions may be an oversight on your architect's behalf but can be continuing headache for you. 

Value For Money

Evaluating an architectural design from the point of view of 'value for money' or savings achievable through better design is important. An architect can be hired to review the final design and suggest changes that will maintain the integrity of the design but achieve better value for your money. Tasking a professional with suggesting alternatives to cut costs through options like pre-fabrication and substitution of construction inputs and materials will lead to money saving results that cut your expenses significantly.

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Reviewing an architectural design can save a large percentage of construction costs

These are just a few reasons to have an architectural design plan reviewed by a professional to improve it as well as avoid any nasty surprises once construction begins. 



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