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It is important to inform your architect of your needs and concerns to achieve a final design that is to your complete satisfaction. Read on to know more.

An architect provides a design based on your brief and the requirements that you spell out in it, the more detailed and in depth the information the higher the possibility that the design meets your expectations. The design of your home is fluid at the initial stage, where a number of proposals and sketches will be presented by your architect, to provide you with alternatives and options to choose from. 

It is important to inform your architect of your needs and any concerns that you may have regarding the drawings to achieve a final design that is to your complete satisfaction. To this end we recommend a few additional points to include in your brief for an architect.

Strong Preferences For Materials Or Design

If you know your mind, and have clearly defined design and material preferences, communicate these to the architect in clear terms. For instance you are sure you want a modern, glass and chrome home with minimalist design sensibilities, letting your architect know will focus his energies in that field rather than presenting you with a red brick, rustic design that you will reject outright.

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Architectural design with a preference for materials like glass and wood 

Your Budget

It is important that your architect is aware of your budget constraints to ensure that both the architectural design, and the materials and labor costs required to render it, fall in the affordable bracket for you. A certain amount of flexibility in budget should be allowed in most construction projects to counter cost escalation and any unexpected requirements.

Disruption To Your Life

If you plan to rebuild on the same land that your current home sits or are planning a large renovation and extension, the building process will disrupt your life for a period of time. Letting your architect know that there is a time constraint for the design to be constructed will ensure that the estimated time involved to build the final design is a factor the architect takes into consideration when designing your home.

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Mobility and age related issues should be considered at the design stage

Mobility And Age Issues

The needs of your family need to be given due importance in the architectural design of your new home. In a home with small children certain features like stairwells need to be designed carefully, while in homes with aging family members, or a person with a disability, ease of movement and other factors need to be considered. Mention these aspects to your architect to sensitize the architect to your specific requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient design can be both eco-friendly and pocket-friendly! Let your architect know if you would like to install energy efficient features like solar heating or lighting, or employ construction materials and techniques that will reduce energy consumption over the long term. 

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Energy efficiency can be built into the architectural design of your home

Include the points listed above to give your architect a detailed brief which will help reduce the time involved in arriving at a final design, allowing you to begin construction on your dream home that much sooner!



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