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If you are a pet owner then you are well acquainted with the problem of pet stains and odors. that seep into your carpets. We help you find the solution through blog.

If you are a pet owner then you are well acquainted with the problem of pet stains and odors that seep into your carpets and take forever to go away. It can be especially infuriating when you step on a cold wet spot on your carpet when you are bare foot! To make matters worse, no matter how much you scrub, the smell just will not go away. 

You will eventually need a professional carpet cleaner to clean and neutralize the smell emanating from your carpet, but here are some quick steps that can help you keep your carpet clean until then.

How to clean a pet urine stain without damaging your carpet

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Paper towels used to blot pet stains

Use paper towels to blot up pet urine stains immediately. Make a solution of vinegar and water and spray it on the spot until it seeps into the core of the carpet. Scrub with a brush, but not too hard as it can damage the carpet fibers. Take fresh paper towels and blot all the vinegar and water mix until as dry as possible. When the spot is almost dry, sprinkle the spot with baking soda

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Stain covered with baking soda

Now pour some peroxide on to the stain and work it into the spot by hand. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the mix. Peroxide when mixed with baking soda will produce a lot of foam.

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Baking soda sprayed with peroxide to produce foam

Use paper towel or other absorbent material to soak up as much liquid as possible. Once the spot is completely dry, use a vacuum to remove the residue.

More tips to control the pet odour in your home

Put pet-bedding through a weekly washing process to get rid of dead skin cells from your pets that are the root cause of pet related odour. Vacuum carpets everyday to remove pet hair and skin cells. The best way to keep pet related odour in check is to eliminate the source i.e. pet hair and dander. This is best accomplished by vacuuming the spot where your pet sleeps every day. Use good quality absorbent paper to soak up pet stains and when your pet is unwell or accidentally defecates in the house, clean it completely and immediately.

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Use a vacuum to clean pet dander and hair from carpets

Pets are adorable, but just like small children, they demand care and potty training to prevent any stinky accidents. In case accidents happen treat the area immediately and schedule a proper professional carpet cleaning every now and then to ensure in depth cleaning of your carpets keeping them hygienic and odour free too.



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