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Doing a little preventative maintenance is a great way to keep your walls looking like they were painted yesterday! Read on to know more on how to take care of painted surface.

Doing a little preventative maintenance is a great way to keep your walls looking like they were painted yesterday! As suggested in the Hometriangle article on taking care of painted surfaces, dry cleaning your walls with a cloth wrapped around a broom occasionally will remove loose dirt and dust and prevent it from settling in and staining the paint permanently. A light wet cleaning with a sponge dipped in a diluted solution of mild all purpose cleaner and water is also a good way to make your walls sparkle. That said, different paint types can respond differently to different cleaning methods, and using an appropriate cleaning method may actually help you avoid damaging your paint job.

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Use a soft sponge to clean walls

Latex Paint

Latex paint can be cleaned with a solution of all purpose cleaning liquid or mild detergent diluted mixed with water. Use 1 teaspoon of cleaning liquid to 1 liter of warm water to make a cleaning liquid. Wipe down latex painted surfaces with a soft sponge that has been dipped in the cleaning liquid and squeezed to remove all excess water. Work systematically, in patches, applying the cleaning solution and then wiping down again with another sponge dipped in clean water, till the entire wall is clean. Allow to air dry. 

When cleaning tough stains allow the cleaning solution to sit on the stained area for a few minutes before cleaning away with the clean sponge. For particularly stubborn spots, make a paste with baking soda and water and apply with a non-abrasive scrub pad. As a general rule of thumb it is important never to use too much water when cleaning painted walls and it is always a good idea to wipe away stains as soon as you notice them, this good habit will prevent the stain from settling in which inevitably makes it harder to remove.

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Wipe away stains as soon as possible

Pay special attention to cleaning around high use areas like door knobs and electrical switches It may be prudent to switch off your electrical mains to avoid any chances of an accident when cleaning with water around electrical points and switches. 

Oil Based Paint

Oil based paints can be cleaned in a similar manner as described above, you can substitute all purpose cleaning detergent with dish-washing liquid, or vinegar, t wipe down oil based paint. Walls with a textured finish can be harder to clean due to the patterned surface, for cleaning textured walls use a soft brush and a mix of 30 gm of borax to 500 ml of water, this mix is also effective on stubborn stains.

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Use a paste of borax and water to clean stubborn stains

Have you cleaned a particularly stubborn stain off your wall? Do you have a tip or trick that worked wonders or a cleaner that was super effective? Do share it with us in the comments section below.



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