Etiquette Tips For Dealing With Professional House Cleaners

Irrespective of whether you plan to actively supervise a professional cleaner or be a silent spectator for the most part of the job, how you interact with the cleaner makes a difference. Although professional cleaners are trained to handle every kind of client and their expectations and critiques, etiquette and empathy can go a long way in creating an amicable working rapport.

Here are few etiquette tips that can help.

Respect Time Constraints

Cleaning routines are itemized, with each task on the list allotted a fair amount of time in order to complete the entire job within a stipulated deadline. Spell out your expectations, product preferences, priority areas and instructions clearly before the cleaners commence their tasks. Any undue hindrances will affect not only the quality of work but also the time frame. Incremental, piecemeal instructions tend to be frustrating for the cleaning team and cause delays.

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Professional cleaners are trained to do the job perfectly and on time

Request For Additional Services

Not all professional cleaners offer the same set of services, or even if they do, the tasks that they handle may differ. Clearing the floors and sinks, unloading the dishwasher or emptying trashcans may clearly be out of their scope, but they could handle these tasks on request. In case you are unable to clean up before the cleaner arrives, place a request upfront or ask the team if to accommodate additional tasks in their routine. You may however need to pay for the additional service.

Be Polite

Keep a tab on your tone, temper and language especially if things don’t proceed as per your instructions or expectations. Deal with accidental damages or injuries in a calm and composed manner. Communicate clearly, but more importantly, be prepared for language barriers. Do not expect cleaners to understand or respond in English or Hindi. If you’re very particular, request a team that can communicate in a language of your choice.

Supervise Discreetly

Take care to avoid constant or harsh criticism, and remember not to get in the way of cleaning equipment or come in contact with cleaning products. Do make it a point though to appreciate the professional touch and offer encouragement or a refreshment on a particularly hot day.

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Keep the cleaning crew smiling with words of encouragement 

Tip Fairly

Professional cleaning service providers however don’t expect or encourage their staff to receive tips; in fact clients may be advised against tipping altogether. However tipping service providers is the norm in our country, especially around major festivals.  Whether to offer a tip, how much and when, is for you to decide.

You’re perfectly justified in your efforts to get a 'value-for-money' cleaning service, but do remember that professional cleaners are trained to do their job with minimum supervision, an occasional glance to vet the service quality, an instruction or two, plus a positive word is enough to get the job done.


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