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If you are looking to understand what architects and contractors do in the process of constructing buildings, then this is for you!

An architect's job does not end at the time of handover of approved designs that have been made with your inputs and meet your approval. In fact it is your choice as the client to retain the architect for a variety of services related to building a new home, from conceptualization to move in, a full service architect firm will cover every stage of building your dream home. 

An important service offered by full service architectural design firms is construction management, where the architect works as your agent to make sure that your building contractor follows architectural plans, ensuring design integrity and a finished home that is made according to the plans on paper as well as supervising the quality of the construction, covering both grade of material inputs used and workmanship standards.

Construction management or administration also includes other services listed below. 

Additional Drawings

When construction begins on site, due to real world conditions or unforeseen constraints, like a change in local building by laws, additional drawing may be required. An architect overseeing the work will be responsible for working with your contractor and fabricating the drawings to incorporate changes in a timely manner so as not to hamper progress in the construction schedule.

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Additional drawings or design changes may need to be made while construction is in progress

Approving Payments

Construction management includes overseeing work progress and approving release of payments according to work completed. An architect overseeing the construction progress will be in a better position to advise you regarding advances to your contractor or any payments to specialized sub-contractors. Your architect will also be able to negotiate better rates from trusted and reliable suppliers, saving you time, money and the hassle of haggling withe various vendors.

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An architect can approve payments according to construction progress

Approval Of Changes

A qualified architect will be able to advise you on the cost as well as the design implications of unplanned changes. Changes during construction could be due to variety of reasons, for example, you may decide to increase the size of a room or add an extension that was not included in the initial plan or the builder may advise against a particular design element on the basis of costs. In such cases, the ultimate approval of changes will lie with the architect managing the construction process.

Clarifying Ambiguity In Plans

All architectural plans, no matter how detailed, are open to interpretation by the building contractor. Architects presume a basic industry standard and plans are made in good faith assuming that basic standards will be followed. In case of any ambiguity in plans, the contractor will have access to the architect managing the construction process to clarify any ambiguity in architectural design plans to ensure that the design is followed completely, down to the last detail.

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An architect ensures that the contractor obtains building permits and local by-laws are followed 

Resolving Issues

An architect managing the construction of your home is uniquely qualified to be able to tell when an issue that arises during construction is the contractors fault or beyond his control. In such cases the architect will be able to advise you for or against bearing the cost of unforeseen circumstances and will be able to explain the same clearly to the contractor to avoid disputes and delays in construction work.

Your architect and building contractor work in tandem to deliver your dream home that is made according to local by laws and specifications, true to an approved design and structurally sound.



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