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Architects are the builders that shape your home. So what exactly affects the cost of hiring an architect? Read on to find out more.

Most homeowners or new home builders will wonder what the rate or cost of an architect might be, how to arrive at a reasonable rate to pay and how the payment to the architect will impact the overall construction costs and their bottom line. So what exactly affects the cost of hiring an architect? Read on to find out.

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The larger the square foot area, the higher the cost of hiring an architect

Square Foot Area

Architects can charge for a project in a per square foot amount or a lump sum. It is quite common for an architect to charge you a per square foot rate and this amount will add up depending on how extensive your project is. Trying to negotiate a lump sum rate is beneficial for larger but less complicated designs as this will save you some money.


The complexity of the design that is called for as a result of customer demands or other factors such as site conditions may affect the cost of hiring an architect If the architect is dealing with an unusually shaped site with varying levels as well as other restrictions like local by laws or environmental laws, the cost of designing is impacted by these complexities as it requires more time and skill and therefore the cost to the client also rises.

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Architects charge more for complicated designs 

Remodels And Additions

Contrary to assumptions by clients that a remodel or an extension is a smaller job and should therefore cost less, in reality planning a remodel or an extension is actually far more complicated. For a architect to fit a design to an existing structure, the architect has to study the structure, its condition and existing design, and then create a design to complement the aesthetics as well as ensure that any additions do not compromise the structure's integrity in any way. This process is far more time consuming than creating a design from scratch and this is reflected in the cost to the client.


Where an architect is located in relationship to you, as well as the planned build site, will affect the cost of hiring the architect because the architect will not only need to visit the site and consult with your building contractor during the building process but will also need to consult with you. The additional costs of travel and other administrative costs also add to the final fee charged by the architect.

Have you hired an architect recently? Do share your experience and the factors that affected the cost of hiring an architect.



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