Cleaning Methods Used By Professional Carpet Cleaners

Cleaning is an important aspect of our day to day lives and not many people know that the carpets when left uncleaned can be a health hazard especially for those with breathing related health conditions. Basic cleaning will not make the cut as the carpets accumulate dirt, dust and allergens with use and need nothing short of a professional hand to deep clean. 

A few of the methods used by professional carpet cleaners to make your carpets clean and fresh are explained below.

Hot Water Extraction

Also known as steam cleaning, thgis is a frequently used method to clean the carpets. A machine forces hot water into the carpet and then sucks it out along with all the dirt. Hot water loosens dirt and debris from carpet fibers leaving it warm and quick to dry. The water that is injected into the carpet with the help of pressure techniques is searing hot which results in effective slackening of the dirt. The machines that are used here clear the moisture and dirt immediately. If the carpet is heavily soiled then it may need use of detergent as an added measure. With steam cleaning, you can not only clean the carpet but also neutralize odors and kill bacteria.

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Clean patch after the carpet has been steam cleaned


This is one of the oldest and most effective methods to clean your carpets. The cleaners will pour carpet friendly cleaning solution on the carpet surface and the brush of the machine used to clean the carpet. The solution is then left to dry, when sufficiently dried up the solution becomes brittle and automatically separates itself from carpet fibers. The dried solution is then removed using a vacuum cleaner. 

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Cleaning the carpet using shampoo and brush technique

Dry Cleaning

This method uses no water in the cleaning process. The professional carpet cleaner will sprinkle the carpet area with an absorbent solution and then spread it through the carpet area using a mechanized brush. This solution dissolves dirt from the core of the fiber which is sucked out of the carpet using a commercial high power vacuum cleaner. Using this method, you do not have to wait too long for the carpet to dry and it is an effective cleaning solution for carpets made of natural fibers.

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Cleaners using dry cleaning method to clean the carpet

Bonnet Cleaning

This method is often confused with the dry cleaning method but there is a of difference between the two. This cleaning method involves mixing absorbent solution with carbonated water which is then spread over the carpet area. A circular buffer or bonnet with an absorbent covering is run over the carpet. While this method is also used commonly, it does not facilitate deep cleaning as it only cleans one third of the surface while leaving the dirt settled deep into the core, behind. This can be used as an interim cleaning method between daily cleaning and intensive care.

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Bonnet cleaning used to clean the carpet

Professional carpet cleaning is necessary to extend the life and maintain the looks of your carpet while keeping your home environment allergen free which is especially important if you have small children and pets at home.


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