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Clean water is a necessity to keep you healthy and keep everything in your home running smoothly. Here are a few pointers to help you plan a maintenance schedule.

Even though clean, potable water is necessity to keep you healthy and keep everything in your home running smoothly, very rarely is any attention given to the maintenance of the water tank where the water is stored. In most households water tank cleaning is never even on the agenda unless there is an obvious issue with the water quality, like an odour, visible debris or a case of waterborne disease in the family. 

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Clean, potable water supply is possible only if your water tank is clean

Keeping  your water tank in good condition with regular maintenance is important. Here are a few pointers to help you inspect your water tank and plan a maintenance schedule.

Inspect Lids And Manhole Covers

Inspect the lid or the manhole cover of the water tank to make sure that it is secure and airtight. Lids should be locked down to prevent the lid being left open accidentally. Closing the water tank lid securely will prevent any insects, birds or animals from getting in and contaminating your water supply.

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Make sure that your water tank lid is the right size and is airtight

Check Inlet And Outlet Pipes

Ensure that the area of the inlet and outlet water pipes connecting to the water tank is sealed properly to prevent water contamination, drips and cracks. Also check that the pipes themselves are in good condition and not damaged or broken.

Check For Cracks, Seepage And Leaks

Water tanks can develop cracks and spring a leak over time. Checking your water tank regularly and fixing issues quickly will prevent seepage and water damage to your home saving you costly and time consuming repairs in the long run.

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Keep the area around your water tank neat and clean

Check The Overflow And Air Exhaust Pipes

As the name suggests these pipes let out excess water and air, but it is important that these outlets are covered with mesh to prevent anything from getting in via these pipes. Checking the meshing for tears or holes periodically is important.

Water Tank And Pump Area

Keeping the area around the water tank and water pump clear, dry and free of debris and garbage, will prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for insects and bacteria that may contaminate your water supply and make you sick.

Schedule a water tank cleaning depending on your consumption of water and the quality of water that is supplied in your area like hard or soft water, tanker or bore-well water may not be silt free etc. For example if you use bore-well or tanker water it is important to clean you tank often as the silt may settle in your tank clogging your pipes and creating a home for unwanted bacteria. Maintaining your tank by following the tips above is a good way to know if everything is in order and ensuring a clean water supply to your home.

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