Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Cleaning Service

Cleaning homes usually proves to be challenging task and families today can outsource this routine chore to professional cleaning firms that offer affordable home cleaning services, but only after careful consideration. While it’s safe to hire the services from agencies or companies recommended by trusted sources, make sure the queries listed below are answered to your satisfaction before hiring a cleaning service.

Does the cleaning service/ firm verify the background of its employees?

Allowing a team of strangers to clean your residence definitely requires a thorough background check including but not limited to personal identification, resident status, address and contact details, health condition and criminal records. Make sure the firm itself has the credibility and experience to handle the job and that it selects the right set of people for the task.

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Background checks help avoid costly surprises 

Is the cleaning company adequately covered by liability insurance?

Cleaning homes is no easy task, for each and every item in the place is of value (monetary or sentimental). Given the various pieces of decor, furniture, gadgets, entertainment systems, home appliances, light fixtures, and plumbing, electrical and communication infrastructure, the cleaning company should be covered by insurance to be able to compensate for any accidental damages or losses that may occur during the cleaning process.

What are the different types of cleaning services offered, their scope and charges?

It is important to know about all cleaning options available – for instance will the cleaning service clean just a couple of rooms or the washroom alone? Do they clean exteriors and open terrace areas? If hired to clean your kitchen, will cleaning include sinks, counter tops, floor, kitchen windows, exhaust fans, electric appliances?

The best approach is to ask for a checklist of items that are included in a particular type of service and the exact charges payable. Shop around for the best deals.

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Is the cleaning service covered by insurance 

What type of tools and cleaning products will the cleaning team use?

From conventional mops, dusters and brooms to electric mops and vacuum cleaners, tools are aplenty. With new cleaning products hitting the markets each day, it is important get more information on the safety and effectiveness of the cleaning implements, apart from verifying if the team is trained to operate them in a safe manner. If anyone in the family (pets included) is sensitive or allergic to certain chemicals, additional care is required.

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Safe tools and cleaning products are mandatory

How and when will payments be made?

Verifying the mode and time of payment upfront can help avoid any dissatisfaction later. There are other queries regarding the team, their skills and experience, will the same team handle routine cleanups in the future and any queries based on specific needs. Set aside some time to jot down specific queries before contacting the cleaning company. Households both large and small can avail of professional cleaning services that best suit their needs and budgetary constraints, to simply free up quality time for better use! 


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