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If you have been researching paints for your home you already know that paints are broadly categorized into water based and oil based paints. It is important to choose paints wisely as they will be on your walls for some time before being redone. There are so many types of paints available in the market that it can leave you confused about the best option for your home. Here are some quick tips to help you make paint related decisions.

Water Based Paints

Distemper Wall Paints

This is perhaps the most common type of paint used for homes. It is not just cost effective but also durable. The main components of distemper include chalk, lime, water and coloring agents. Mostly people use distemper paints to give their interiors a quick, cost effective  update. Water based paints are easy to use and safe. After applying, the walls get a velvet like softness. Distemper paints may be easily discolored.

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Distemper finish for on room walls


Emulsions Wall Paints   

If you prefer matte finish and a rich texture then emulsions are your best bet. Emulsion paints are made by mixing an emulsifying agent with oil or water. This paint differs from distemper in that they have acrylic. They can be washed and stains can be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped and mild detergent. Emulsion painted surfaces are also resistant to fungus and mildew.

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Smooth finish provided by Emulsions paint

Oil Based Paints

Solvent Wall Paints

Solvent paints are an  ideal option for your walls as they last a long time and offer a rich effect on your walls. Luster and enamel paints fall under this category and are available in various finishes like egg-shell or low luster, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss finish. They can also be applied to metal and wood surfaces other than the walls.

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Egg shell paint finish using solvent paint


Functional Wall Paints

These oil based paints are not just aesthetic and decorative in nature but also serve many specific functions. Some variants are helpful in eliminating insects and bacteria while others have built in safe and non-toxic mechanism which prevents pest infestations. There is also an environment friendly variation available without VOCs.

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Metal paint finish

Choice of paint depends on the purpose it will serve. If you enjoy giving your home a fresh look periodically then it is better to choose water based paints. However, if you are aiming for style and longevity then oil based paints offer many varieties like aluminium paint, textured paints etc. Periodic painting not only provides aesthetic appeal but also plays a role in protecting walls from wear and tear over time.


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