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The quality and visual appeal of painting can enhance or mar the image of your home interiors. Additionally, the cost of painting being so high, it is all the more important to take wise decisions when choosing type, quality and finishes of paint. Here are some tips to help you accurately calculate the cost of a paint job.

The quality and visual appeal of painting can enhance or mar the image of your home interiors. Additionally, the cost of painting being so high, it is all the more important to take wise decisions when choosing type, quality and finishes of paint. Here are some tips to help you accurately calculate the cost of a paint job.  

Determine The Surface To Be Painted

Interior: An indoor environment is very different from the exterior of a house and this is an important factor in determining the actual painting estimate. The first step at calculating the costs is to know if you need to paint the interior walls, exterior walls or both.

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Painting interior walls with a roller

Exterior: Since the exterior walls are exposed to the harsh weather conditions, their treatment involves more work and costs than interior walls. For an estimate, take into account the entire scope of work including power washing, prep work, painting and final inspection.

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Prep work for exterior painting is very different from Interior

Condition Of The Surface To Be Painted?

Fresh Paint: When you want to give your walls a fresh touch of paint, it is a completely different process from re-painting. Fresh walls needs a lot of preparation. Be sure to include the cost of 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of putty and 2 coats of fresh paint that will be required for the wall to be painted.

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Freshly painted walls of a house

Re-paint: while re-painting, you may not require leveling but it walls need 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint for the final touch. 

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Old walls being painted again

Choosing The Type Of Paint

Distemper: distemper paints are really cheap and cost a fraction of a the cost of other paints. However, distemper paints cannot be washed and only have a life of about 2-3 years. Cheaper paints are also used more as often 3 coats are equivalent to 1 coat of a good quality paint.

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Walls painted with distemper quality paint

Synthetic: these paints may are slightly expensive but are much easier to maintain and with proper care can last 5-7 years. You can choose between high gloss, matte finish etc.

Know the Products Being Used

An accurate painting estimate will include not only the brand of paint that will be used as well as quantities, the cost of the painting supplies like brushes, scaffolding, the cost of the primer etc. Do take into account the number of coats that will be required for a perfect finish.

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Paint supplies with shade cards

Calculate Area To Be Painted

Use any online paint calculator to calculate the estimated costs as per the dimensions of the area that needs painting. Once you hit calculate, you will get the details of how much paint, primer and sealer you will need and how much it will cost you as well as approximate labor cost. 

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Calculating the area that needs to be painted

Cost Of Painting Interior Walls

Paint cost in India ranges anywhere between Rs. 12 /sq ft to Rs. 20/sq ft which depends on the quality of paint and the brand.  If you choose to go with high quality authorized vendors then costs may start around Rs. 16/ sq ft. It is always better to check with at least 2 vendors or more before you make a final decision.

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Calculating the cost as per the quotes received

To calculate the cost of a paint job needs a bit of research about the costs involved at every step of the process. This will keep you from over or underestimating the project and keep you on budget!



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