Unique Points To Note When Remodeling Bathrooms

When remodeling your bathroom, you need to be mindful of all the things that need an upgrade and the impact they will have on the bathroom and the available space. Your choices should not be based on the visual and aesthetic appeal alone but also on durability and functionality. Before you create a remodeling plan, take your bathroom’s shape and size into consideration. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Go Vintage

If you are considering replacing your old tiles, it can become an expensive affair as the old floor tiles are settled into a wet bed and are much harder to replace and can be very costly. It is better to leave them untouched and use your money wisely on other things. You can also play up the vintage look that can complement the old school tiles. Vintage, thankfully, never goes out of fashion!

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Old school tiles will work perfectly with a vintage look in a bathroom

Placement of Tubs and Showers

Take note of existing plumbing before replacing bathroom fixtures such as tubs and showers . The plumbing will determine the kind of design you can use without incurring the additional cost of replacing the plumbing pipe system. In case of a small bathroom or complicated plumbing, you can skip the tub and use the space for a shower cubicle if you wanted a separate area for both.

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Design of the Plumbing system that connects the shower and tub

WC Placement

There are a lot of style options available these days for lavatory design, choose one that will suit the overall decor of the bathroom. Moving the WC to another spot in the bathroom will require relocating the waste and vent lines as well which may involve too much work and added expense. 

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Lavatory placed in between vanity and cubicle to maximize space

Sink And Countertop

While remodeling your bathroom choose a sink depending on your usage patterns. The placement will also be affected by whether you are looking for a pedestal sink or a cabinet sink. If having all toiletries within reachable distance is a must for you, then you may require a countertop sink. Ignoring this aspect will give you years of anguish each morning when you are not able to reach your beauty supplies easily.

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Sink with a countertop and cabinet for additional storage

Bathroom Accessories

Don't forget bathroom accessories like towel rings, towel bars, shelves, cabinets etc when your bathroom remodel is in the planning stage, you may not find a suitable spot to install them if left till the end. The biggest challenge arises when there is no space left to accommodate additional storage in the bathroom. Get rid of this potential hassle by monitoring your bathroom usage consciously for few days and planning accordingly.

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Bathroom accessories neatly placed for easy access

Other Accessories

Mirrors and lighting are an important part of the bathroom. If your bathroom is small, a large mirror will make it appear more spacious. Lighting also tends to take up wall space depending upon fixture placement in the bathroom. If you need a light above vanity then you need to plan the space accordingly as it will take relatively more space than one installed on the ceiling.

Article Image
Light fixture occupying wall space over the mirror in a bathroom

Remodeling is not just about giving your old bathroom a new look, but also a chance not to repeat old design mistakes for a bathroom that not only appeals to you visually but is also more practical for everyday use.


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