What Is The Perfect Height For Bathroom Fixtures?

Are your bathroom fixtures and fittings installed at the proper height? Is the towel out of reach of the shower or the health faucet on the wrong side? If so, you're in luck as these simple tips will help you get the ergonomics right and get rid of an easily fixable everyday irritant.


The height of the mirror in bathrooms depends on the type of mirror being installed, but a mirror is ideally placed anywhere between 38 and 42 inches from the floor.

Lavatory / Vanity Height

Although current standard vanity height installation is at 36 inches, it can be too high or too low for certain people. If the bathroom is being remodeled for children, then it is better to buy them a stool rather than lowering the height as the kids will eventually grow and you would have to re-install the vanity. The lavatory on the other hand must be installed as per the height of the user.

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Perfect height for the vanity in this bathroom


The height of the showerhead or rain shower should be high enough not to touch your head but low enough to create a gentle flow of water. Typical height for showerhead installation is 6 and a half feet which can be altered as per the height of the bathers. You should be able to stand underneath the shower without crouching, which is especially important if you have a shower cum tub in your bathroom.

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Rainfall showerhead with proper height and water flow


The height of bathroom shelves is typically defined as per the usage. They are normally installed at an elevation of 3 feet or 4 feet or as per the height of the mirror above the vanity. There is no standard rule for the shelves as they can be installed anywhere in the bathroom to suit your convenience.

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Shelves installed at the height of the mirror and as per convenience

Soap Dish And Dispenser

The standard height for a soap dish is between 44 inches and 54 inches. However, the dish should be located away from the shower spray to avoid water collecting in the dish. A soap dispenser can be installed at a height between 40-48 inches.

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Soap dish placement behind a shower head

Towel Ring

The ideal height of a towel ring is between 50 and 52 inches measured from the finished bathroom floor. However, if your towel ring is to be installed above the vanity then you can mount it at a height of 20-22 inches above counter height.

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Towel ring adjacent to the vanity

Towel Rail

The towel rail height depends on the height of the users and the type of bathroom. For instance, if the bathroom will be used by the children then the towel rail will be installed lower. The standard height, however, is 48 inches above the finished floor. If you are installing multiple rails always keep a distance of minimum inches of more than a folded towel between rails.


The standard height for bathroom cabinets is at least 54 inches above finished floor because your vanity counter will be placed at a height of 36 inches leaving an 18 inch gap between the counter and the cabinet.

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Bathroom cabinet doubling as a mirror

When you are planning your bathroom, these simple measurements will ensure that you have a logical bathroom with accurate ergonomics so that your bathroom fixtures are not a impediment in your every day morning routine.


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