Common Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

We all would like a bathroom design that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also stands up to the test of time with prolonged everyday use. Avoid these common mistakes that affect the longevity of bathroom fixtures and accessories to prevent damage and inevitable costly repairs in the future.

Inadequate Natural Light And Ventilation

Good lighting and air circulation are important in a functional bathroom for it to remain clean and fresh. Locating a bathroom near the outer wall of a home will allow for windows that let in ample natural light and the installation of ventilators or exhausts for better air circulation to prevent a damp, dimly lit bathroom design.

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A bathroom that has ample natural light and good air circulation 

Forgetting Door Motion 

Take note of door motion while designing the layout of your bathroom. The main door as well as all cabinet doors should open all the way. Doors should not be obstructed by the size of the bathroom, using sliding doors in a small bathroom or a main door that opens outward are an option.

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Door movement restricted by the Toilet bowl

Don't Follow The Trend Relentlessly

Concentrate on styles that are timeless and combine with neutral colors. Adapt to current trends with the use of accessories rather than fixtures that may be expensive and difficult to replace. Keep design simple, clean and functional.

Slippery Floors

Choose bathroom flooring that is practical, easy to install and maintain. Pay special attention to flooring in wet areas, making sure it is specifically manufactured for use in bathrooms. A shiny bathroom floor that is slippery when wet is an accident waiting to happen.

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These tiles will be slippery when wet, avoid using them‚Äč

Replacement Of Faucets Without Specs

When you are installing or replacing a faucet, you must follow the spec sheet provided along with the fixture. You need to drill a hole for the faucet as per the provided dimensions, knowing the exact placement is necessary. Failing to use the template or the sheet provided with the faucet can lead to a faucet that is off center. This is a hard to cover mistake once the hole is drilled into the bathroom counter.

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Faucet installed incorrectly on the bathroom counter 

Access To Leaks

Never overrule the possibility of facing a leak someday. You should be able to access the pipes easily so that they can be repaired before the leak causes any extensive damage. It can be an expensive affair to repair seepage and damage caused by leaking pipes in floors or behind fixed tiles. Pipes should be placed so they can be easily reached in an event of a problem. 

Use these tips to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes that homeowners make when designing a bathroom.


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