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Mirrors make a room captivating, trendy and spacious and add to the interior décor of the room. Moreover, large mirrors hung opposite a window reflect the lovely outdoors creating a picturesque illusion. Mirrors can be a fabulous addition to home décor, since they reflect light and add depth to any room.

Mirrors make a room captivating, trendy and spacious and add to the interior decor of the room. Moreover, large mirrors hung opposite a window reflect the lovely outdoors creating a picturesque illusion. Mirrors can be a fabulous addition to home decor, since they reflect light and add depth to any room. 

Here are a few perfect spots to hang up a beautifully framed mirror in your home.


A mirror in the bathroom is mandatory for obvious reasons; every individual needs to look at themselves while getting ready for the day. A bathroom mirror should be placed at a specific height, to make it easily accessible for all members of the family. 

Article Image
A round, frame-less mirror in a bathroom


A large sized, full length mirror is useful in the bedroom. Make sure to place a full length mirror where ample space is available in front of it so you can stand at a distance and see yourself from head to toe in the mirror.

Article Image
 A beautiful full length mirror in a bedroom

Living Room

Varied patterns of frames for mirrors, antique mirrors and mirrors cut into interesting patterns and shapes are available in the market, which would really make a worthy addition to the decor of your living room. Place the mirror over a mantle or sideboard, or near your dining table to add a gracefully reflective touch to interiors. 

Article Image
A wall of mirrors in a living room


A wall mounted mirror near the front door is useful to check on your appearance when stepping out of home. A table beneath it with fresh flowers can make your entryway extra welcoming for visitors to your home. 

Article Image
A large mirror used to dress up a foyer

Feng Shui and Vaastu advocate myriad benefits with the correct use of mirrors and reflective surfaces to enhance energy flows. Pick a trendy and stylish mirror to decorate your walls with, something that is both usefully functional and brings an added touch of beauty to your interiors with understated elegance.


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