The Ultimate Bedroom Lighting Checklist

Planning a bedroom light fixture update or a major bedroom remodel? Make sure to get the lighting right in your bedroom by following this simple checklist of 10 questions to ask yourself from Hometriangle that will make planning the lighting of your bedroom a breeze!

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A bedroom that has ample natural light in the morning 

Question 1

Is the bedroom lit well enough for you to dress for work in the morning and for a night out in the evening?

Dimly lit bedrooms can lead to accidents when you are in a rush to get to work or in the evening time when ambient natural light is low.

Question 2

Does the closet have enough light, ambient or a dedicated closet light?

Light around your cupboard or closets will let you see items and clothing that may be placed at the back of shelves. Ample light in the closet area will also make colors easy to see correctly letting you mix and match items from your wardrobe.

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Dedicated lights around a bedroom, cupboard area

Question 3

Are there individual lamps or lights on either side of your bed? 

Lamps or light fixtures by the bedside are a great addition to any bedroom, place lamps on the bedside tables or plan to install wall mounted light fixtures as a convenience. Bedside lighting lets you read in bed or step out of bed in the middle of the night without disturbing your partner.

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Individual lamps on bedside tables in a bedroom

Question 4

Are there enough overhead lights?

Overhead lighting should be installed so that light reach into every corner of your bedroom, adequately lighting all areas evenly.

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A well lit bedroom with ample overhead lighting

Question 5

Does the quality of light accurately let you determine colors?

The quality of light is a combination of light color, intensity and appropriate placement of light fixtures and should let you visually determine colors as accurately as you would in natural light.

Question 6

Is there a light source near your bedroom door?

A light source near your bedroom door lets you step into your bedroom without groping around in the dark for a light switch and inadvertently bumping into something that may cause injury or damage.

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An embedded ceiling light fixture near a bedroom door

Question 7

Are the electrical switches at correct and convenient locations for light fixtures?

The placement of the switches used to operate lighting is also important, for example, the switch for the light near the bedroom door should either be placed outside the bedroom door or be easily accessible without stepping into the bedroom. A two way switch placed near the bed for an overhead bedroom light is another great convenience, allowing you to switch off the light once you are in bed for the night rather than making your way to bed in the dark after putting lights out.

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Note the switches placed at tabletop level near the bedside

Question 8

Are all corners well illuminated?

Light fixtures like overhead lighting, wall fixtures, floor and table lamps should be placed around the bedroom to illuminate every corner of the space.

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A well illuminated bedroom

Question 9

Are there dimmers attached to light sources to control the intensity of light?

A light dimmer switch or dial can be attached to all light fixtures letting you control the intensity of light in your bedroom. Dimmers can be used to set the mood, or merely turn down the light to help you relax after a long day.

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A wall mounted bedside lamp 

Question 10

Is there ample light in the vanity and dressing table area to help with beauty routines?

Light is never more important than in a dressing area or over a vanity. Provide for ample bright light near your dresser to help you get ready and perform beauty and skincare routines easily. 

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Two lamps placed on a dressing table

If you answered 'yes' to all the questions listed in the checklist above, your bedroom is lit to perfection for your comfort and convenience!

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