Even More Bedroom Lighting Advise!

The lighting in your bedroom is an important part of the way your bedroom makes you feel at the end of the day, after all most of the time you spend in the bedroom is in the evening or night, times of the day that you definitely use and require artificial lighting. Give lighting a second thought for a bedroom that is comfortable, convenient and also beautifully lit!

Read on for some simple to incorporate lighting tips and effective lighting advise for the perfectly lit personal space.

Be Moody!

Ambiance is extremely important in the bedroom and easily achievable simply by installing dimmers on all light fixtures for a mood altering effect. Another way to achieve the same effect is by using softer light or colored light to create a mood.

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Colored lighting in a bedroom creates mood

In The Closet

Dark, deep closets can be a source of everyday frustration when you find yourself rummaging in the back for garments and accessories that you cannot see or locate. You can easily counter this everyday problem by installing a closet light but be careful not to install a bulb that heats up too close to very fine, delicate clothing to avoid damage and fading. Ideally attach a closet light at a distance of 1 foot from the edge of the clothes hanging rod or from the top shelf of a closet. Opt for a fluorescent light as it is brighter, consumes less electricity and is also cooler than conventional bulbs. 

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A light fixture in a closet

Read In Bed

A dedicated reading light, mounted on the wall beside the bed or a reading lamp with a swivel arm placed atop the bedside table, offers book lovers the flexibility of being able to read in bed. In addition to a swivel or adjustable arm, a reading light should also be shielded with a small shade that focuses its light so as not to disturb your partner while you read late into the night. Remember that the guiding thought behind a reading light for your bedside should be being able to adjust it to focus as and where you need it for your convenience, amply lighting your books pages without putting undue stress on your eyes or inconveniencing your partner. 

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Wall mounted swivel reading lamps on either side of a bed

Switch Off Easily

The placement of light switches in a bedroom needs special care and thought. Place, at the very least, 1 two-way switch in easy reach of your bed to enable you to switch lights on and off once you are in bed instead of from a main switch board. Today there are high tech controls available on the market that let you switch all room lights on or off with just one switch, or even with a remote control.

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Light switches conveniently placed near the bedside 

The Right Glow

What you choose to do in your bedroom should determine the right lighting and fixtures for the bedroom and all dedicated spaces within it. As an example, if you have a work desk in the corner of your bedroom or like to knit or sew you will need bright, direct light, while a seating nook needs mood enhancing, softer light. Decide on the appropriate lighting to suit the various areas in your bedroom.

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A bedroom with various types of lighting

Looking for even more ideas on bedroom lighting? Do read the first article in the series on bedroom lighting "How to light your bedroom right". We hope that this series of articles on bedroom lighting have helped you create the perfectly lit personal space for yourself and your partner!

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