HomeTriangle Guides: How To Light Up Your Bedroom the Right Way


If you are wondering how to get the size, placement, brightness and general decor, then this article is made just for your needs.

Bedroom lighting can range from toned down dim to boldly bright, opulent to basic, colorful to transparent, dimmed to dramatic! Wondering how to get the size, placement, brightness and general decor right with the appropriate light fixtures? Hometriangle has a few tips to help you light your bedroom perfectly!

Bedroom Size

Before buying bedroom lighting, first determine the size of room. The light fixtures in a room should be determined by the size of the room itself, and not just length and width but also height. It is very important to measure the room that light fixtures are meant for because the measurements of the room, where the electrical points are placed and the placement of furniture like the bed will all help in determining the type of lighting required for your bedroom.

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Consider the scale and size of your bedroom

Wall Height 

Typical bedrooms have a ceiling height of 8 to 9 feet, because of this height it makes better sense to avoid light fixtures that have very long bodies in favor of light fixtures that are more compact and sit flush against the wall. Consider the scale of the bedroom when buying light fixtures. Fixtures that fit the scale of the bedroom will blend in easier, while out sized lamps in a small bedroom will stick out but can become a design statement in and of themselves too. 

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A bedroom with high walls


Light fixtures should be placed high enough on the wall for light to reach all areas of the bedroom. Consider any impediments to the flow of light like a high cupboard, or a four poster bed, when placing a light fixture. Avoid installing light fixtures over a bed, as it may feel to harsh to let you relax because direct light from an overhead source is less comfortable than softer light emanating from a light source placed lower down on the wall.

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A large pendant lamp over a bed is a bad idea

Multiply Light Sources

Resist the urge to have only one or two large, overly bright sources of light in the bedroom, instead aim for a lighting plan that allows for multiple sources of light that makes the lighting in your room feel more diffused and soothing, rather than jarringly unpleasant. A combination of portable lamps, wall mounted light fixtures and embedded recessed lighting works best in a bedroom. Multiply light sources but use lower wattage bulbs for a better lit, more visually comfortable bedroom.

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Multiple light sources in a bedroom

Evaluate your bedroom lighting plan keeping the points above in mind to create a beautifully lit, restful space for you to unwind.



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