5 Fab Ideas For Lighting Your Bedroom

Reclining in bed and winding down with a good book or listening to music after a long day at work is a favorite pastime for many of us. Let the lighting in your bedroom create the right mood. Dimmed for a slow, easy evening or bright enough to get some reading done, the light fixtures in your bedroom will function as beautiful decor during the day when unlit and bring a warm inviting glow to your bedroom when switched on in the evening!

Here are five fab ideas to make your bedroom glow with beautiful lamp light!

Whimsical Individuality

Create a supremely individual touch for your bedroom by converting a terrarium into a lamp, or simply displaying a piece of driftwood in a transparent glass lamp base as shown in the image below. The same idea can be replicated in any number of avatars, with pot pouri, sea shells, colored sand, photographs in black and white or colorful faux flower petals filling the lamp base.

Article Image
A terrarium as a lamp base in the foreground

All Paired Up

A pair of lamps on bedside tables in any design or style that complements your bedroom decor is a great idea for ease of use. You will never again stub your toe in the middle of the night on the way to the rest room and your tastefully paired lamps will let you read while lounging in bed too! A pair of lamps helps to make room look symmetrical even if the lamps themselves may be subtly or vastly different like the two blue lamps pictured in the image below.

Article Image
Two subtly different bedside lamps bring symmetry to this bedroom

Pretty Pop Pendants

If you've always loved a particular poppy red or bright sunshine yellow but are unsure of using the shade in large doses, dabble in the color by using pendant lighting in that shade. A pair of pop color pendants flank the bed in the image below adding a much needed bright spot to a soothing, toned down color palette in this bedroom.

Article Image
Bright yellow pendant lights flank the bed

Opulent Chandeliers

Indulge the little girl in you with a chandelier that defines your inner princess fantasy! Wrought iron or crystal, most chandeliers lend themselves to a look that is indulgent and regal, bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to otherwise jaded interior decor.

Article Image
A chandelier in a feminine bedroom

Modern Minded

A contemporary detail like this modern lamp pictured below is perfect for the artistic, eclectic bedroom. The lamp itself mostly disappears into its surroundings leaving the dramatic black lamp shade looking as though it is suspended in air. When lit the same lamp will glint in its own light casting circles of reflected light around it to create patterns on your bedroom wall and floors.  

Article Image
A modern lamp on a bedroom chest of drawers

Do you have the prettiest pair of lamps in the bedroom? Or a piece of advice to share about buying lamps? We look forward to hearing from you about all things lamp related in the comments section below.

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