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Facing a space crunch like every other urban dweller on the planet? Regardless of how much you try smart design and modern furniture can help you to keep your home neat

Facing a space crunch like every other urban dweller on the planet? Regardless of how much you try and do away with extra stuff around the house, smart design and modern furniture can help you in your quest to keep your home neat and organized by using multipurpose furniture that has the built in storage. 

Here are a few ingenious ideas that will transform a single piece of furniture into a multi-functional gem!

Lift  Up Headboard 

Simple carpentry can easily convert any headboard into storage space that can hold your sheets and pillow covers. You can use variety of materials on this headboard to add aesthetic value and match the decor to the bedroom, along with an added utility. 

Article Image
In-built storage in headboard to store bed linen

Corner Book Shelves

Have an odd, awkward corner? Fill it up wit your favorite books by simply adding some shelves and transform this space into attractively useful storage.

Article Image
Corners in a wall used as book shelves

Under Bench Storage

Don't have the luxury of a crockery cabinet? Use built in storage in the hallway bench to store extra items that are seldom used but take up space in kitchen cupboards. Store away crockery, cutlery or linen inside a bench drawer that serve as an excellent storage space as well as seating.
Article Image
Under the bench space as extra storage  

Space Under The Stairs

Space under the staircase inside our homes is often ignored. Transform staircase steps into drawers to hold shoes. This neat idea will not only keep shoes accessible but will use dead space very effectively. Another to use this dead space is to put up a few shelves and add a small desk to create a home office! 
Article Image
Staircase as a shoe rack for neat storage of shoes

Article Image
Nook under the stairs transformed to make book shelves and a table

Multi-Storage Beds

Conventional beds have large bed boxes that are tedious and need a lot of effort to pull open for storage. A bed like this has many compartments which are easy to pull open and does a great job of storing almost all the items that clutter up your bedroom. This is a perfect option for a small room that cannot accommodate too much furniture.
Article Image
Bed with multiple drawers to store additional items in the room

Clutter Free Living Room

In a small living room, you may not have too many options when it comes to furniture placement, combining two pieces of furniture, or placing them back to back, can effortlessly keep floor space clear as well as provide much needed storage  The simple storage shelving unit shown in the image below is built around a sofa that will not only help eliminate clutter but also act as a divider in the room. Placing the unit on castors will allow easy movement of furniture when required.

Article Image
Innovative storage table to act as a room divide
Have a fabulous storage solution or an innovative trick for maxing out space? Share it with us in the comments section below.



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