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Look up! Your ceilings are a blank canvas, that if used right, can bring any room to dazzling life. Here are some cool ceiling decorating ideas for you.

Look up! Your ceilings are a blank canvas, that if used right, can bring any room to dazzling life. Use the ceiling effectively for everything from art to wallpaper and color to pattern. When designed right, the ceiling can make a small room roomier and a large room seem so much more intimate and cozy. 

Here are a few ideas to re-envision your ceiling, after all it is the fifth wall in every room, and if you decorate the walls why ignore the ceiling?

Sky High

Painting the ceiling of a room to look like the sky is a lovely idea for a kids room. You can even use glow in the dark paint to paint a few constellations or twinkling stars that only become visible after the lights go out, to give your little one a fairy-tale ending to everyday!

Article Image
A sky painted on the ceiling in a kids room

Same Everywhere

Use the same wall treatment (be it paint, wallpaper, fabric or DIY hand painted art) on the walls and the ceiling, to bring a large room more together. Other than a rather unusual design element for your interiors, this is a great way to make a large room or one with high ceilings look more intimate and inviting rather than intimidating and bare.

Article Image
The same wall paper used on the walls and ceiling in a living room and a bathroom

Wood Wise

We're all used to seeing wooden or laminate flooring, and the admitted warmth that it brings to the interior decor of a home. With this idea try the exact reverse of wooden flooring, put wood on the ceiling instead! Super polished, shining coffered wooden ceilings or rustic bare and untreated, wood brings a natural element into your interior decor providing a subtle balancing touch to any design style you may choose.

Article Image
A polished coffered wooden ceiling in an ornate living room

Article Image
A rustic, untreated wooden ceiling in a casual bedroom

Lightly Rise

A false ceiling with embedded or recessed lighting in a pattern that only becomes visible when the lights are on is a wonderful way to add an intriguing design element to a room. At first look the room in the image below would seem to have an all white ceiling, until the lights are switched on to reveal the pattern for truly a 'wow' moment!

Article Image
Embedded lights create a pattern in the false ceiling of a bedroom


If you have the budget, commission a ceiling patterned to rival those in hotels and mansions. A hand laid mosaic pattern on the ceiling in the image below is a time consuming process that results in a marvelously indulgent accent that is only for true connoisseurs and dream homes. The same idea can be brought to life with hand painted tribal art or wooden carving, any intricate technique that takes your fancy.

Article Image
A mosaic ceiling in a porch area

Go Bold

A bold pattern carried from the wall to the ceiling, carries the eye visually upward, making a room seem larger. This idea is illustrated in the image below with striking bold stripes that run across a wall and on to the ceiling. 

Article Image
Stripes painted in a pattern carrying from one wall to run across the ceiling

Opulent Gold

Add a decidedly regal touch to a stately room by painting the ceiling golden to evoke the lifestyle of true royalty without putting bling everywhere. Gold ceilings are a subtle and not so obviously 'in your face' way to add a luxurious touch to your interior decor. The same effect can be achieved with a metallic tone in almost any color, but gold is our favorite by far!

Article Image
A stately dining room with an opulent gold ceiling

So don't forget to 'look up' when next you decide to paint or remodel your home! Try one of these fabulous ideas and do share the superb results with us in the comments below.



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