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Suit your room to the mood that you want to create by picking from a colors scale to define décor and create a sensory dimension that is subtle but quietly encompassing.

The color of paint on the walls in a room can define the way a room feels to its occupants. Certain colors are culturally significant as auspicious, while others evoke a sense of calm restfulness or wide awake alertness to encourage productivity.

Suit your room to the mood that you want to create by picking paint color from a color scale to define decor and create a sensory dimension that is subtle but quietly encompassing!


Warm up a room with soothing neutrals that allow your interiors to breathe and accentuate the feeling of inherent calmness and space that the 'Warm' color palette brings with it. Punctuate neutral rooms with bright spots of color for a dramatic effect.

Article Image
A warm color scale in a living room, the muted patterned wall provides a spectacular backdrop 


Quiet paint color palettes combine muted tones that may not necessarily be neutral in themselves. A faded yellow or a pastel old rose are 'Quiet' paint colors that create a soothing backdrop in any room. A 'Quiet' paint color choice differs from  a 'Warm' neutral because it will let you include any color in a watered down way. Adding white paint to any shade produces this effect perfectly, red paint will turn to pink while black  paint will turn to grey. Try this with an unusual shade like turquoise or tangerine for a spectacularly put together colorfully painted but 'Quiet' room.

Article Image
Muted pale yellow and dull green with whites and beiges create a quiet color palette


Running the gamut from blues to purples, mauves and grays, a 'Coo'l paint color on the walls is restful in tropical climes. Soothe your senses by engulfing yourself in a 'Cool' paint color palette that lets you feel the peace of your surroundings.

Article Image
Cool blue walls bring this artistic Moroccan themed living room to life

High Volume

"Wake me up", high on attitude paint colors are perfect for statement making rooms like foyers, entertainment lounge areas, home offices and studies. There is no way that you're going to miss this 'High Volume' paint color in a room, in fact it will in itself define the personality of any room. Give even the smallest of spaces added oomph with a 'High Volume' Color.

Article Image
High volume colors make for a sophisticated lounge area


Not the same as a 'High Volume' color, an intense paint color will not be strongly  overpowering but will bring with it the power to uplift any color scale that you choose for a room. This concept is beautifully demonstrated by metallic paint colors as they can help accentuate rooms that may otherwise feel common place. Evoke a sense of confidence and artistic flair by experimenting with a bright copper or deep pewter shade. 

Article Image
Metallic pewter walls accentuate a living room and dining area

Where does your home lie on the color scale? Warm, Quiet, Cool, High Volume or Intense? Do share your ideas for effectively using the color scale with us in the comments section below.



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