Revolutionize Small Spaces With Foldaway Furniture

The judicious use of space is never more important than in a small home so that it does not look like it is bursting at the seams. This is the reason foldaway furniture is such a blessing when you have serious space crunch. All you need to do is open it when required, for the other times just keep it tucked away without cramping your space.  

These simple ideas will go a long way in making your home fell roomier than it is!

Folding Bed In The Kid’s Room

Bedroom sizes in a regular urban apartments can be very limited which makes foldaway furniture a sensible choice. Since the bed is seldom used in the kid's room during the day, a folding bed can be a good alternative to give your child a play area by day and a bed come night! This also makes the bedroom look roomier and allows for more walking space.

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Fold away the bed during the day to open up the space       

Folding Dining Table 

Make the most of a dining room in a small apartment with a folding dining table. Foldaway dining tables have adjustable lift up tops, you can open to accommodate two people when it’s just you and your partner at home or the entire family by opening up all the sides to accommodate four people. Opt for folding chairs so they too can also be tucked away when not in use.

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Foldaway the table as well as the chairs to free up space

Foldaway Bed with Extra Storage for Guest Bedroom

A unit that doubles up as storage, seating and a bed, is perfect for a small guest bedroom. The bed in the image below folds into the white cabinets on the side to create a standing unit without making the room look too cluttered . You can fold the bed up during the day and make the area available for seating and unfold at night as needed.

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 Folding bed, sofa and storage combined into one unit

All-In-One Module Furniture

This all-in-one module is ideal for a studio apartment that has extremely limited space. A carpenter can custom build a multi-purpose set like this to be opened to suit your need of the hour! Unfold it when you need a bed or fold it back in the day to make it a seating area for the guests. Neatly tucked in one corner, this kind of furniture gives you the liberty to experiment with the remaining space making your studio feel super spacious.

Article Image
All in one unit that contains a bed and a seating area along with work counter

Foldaway Work Unit

Creating a dedicated work space at home can be difficult in small apartments, however small spaces are best utilized with flexible furniture to make simple utilities available as per your need. This office unit is small, compact and serves the purpose perfectly. Lift open while working and tuck it back in when you are done! Plus it neatly doubles up as a side table when not in use.

Article Image
A folding work unit

Give foldaway furniture a try today, and watch as your small apartment expands in front of your eyes, making space available for multiple uses and accommodating the needs of the whole family!


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