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Pesticides and chemical weed killers will render your garden off limits for you and your family. Choosing organic or natural alternatives is not only safer but also more economical.

You would like your garden to be pest and weed-free but using pesticides and chemical weed killers will render your garden a health hazard and effectively off-limits for you and your family. Choosing organic or natural alternatives is not only safer but can also be more economical. There are numerous nature-friendly, toxic chemical-free alternatives that can be used to kill weeds and get rid of pests. 

Here are some tips to help you choose an effective natural alternative today.

Weeding By Hand

Unwanted weeds deplete nutrients from soil besides being an eyesore in your beautiful garden. Weeding by hand may be time-consuming but it is the best way to remove weeds without impacting healthy plants in the process.

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Weed out unwanted plants by hand           

Household Vinegar

Kitchen vinegar hasa 5% acetic acid concentration, which is not enough to kill mature weeds butwill effectively destroy newly sprouted, still to establish weeds. You willneed to spray the area with vinegar at least two times and wait for 24hours before re-planting garden plants in the sprayed area.

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Use a vinegar sprayto kill weed

Boiling Water

Boiling water is nota practical solution for an entire garden; however, it is perfect for gettingrid of weeds growing between garden tiles and in crevices. Pour a tumblerfilled with boiling water over weeds to kill them permanently.

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Use boiling waterto kill weeds

Pest Patrol 

There are a wide rangeof insects that are garden friendly and actually help maintain bio-diversity, bycross pollinating plants and attacking populations of harmful insects, essentially providing a 'natural' pest patrol! In order to maintain a balance of plant friendlyinsects, grow plants, like aromatic herbs and flowers, to invite them intoyour garden.

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Beneficial insects like earthworms act as natural pest killers in the garden

Easily Prepared Natural Pesticides

Simple products fromyour kitchen will make an effective pesticide that works wonders on unwanted insectswithout damaging plants or soil. Diluted kitchen dish washing soap in a spraybottle is a pesticide that can easily wash off and kill the vermin on your plants.

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A mix of soap,water and lemon to kill the insects in your garden

Use of pheromone traps

Pheromone traps replicate the scent of an insect’s mate which lures insects to perch on a sticky surface that acts as a trap. These easy to use, non-polluting traps are very effective and target specific pests in your garden, leaving beneficial insects unharmed. Pheromone traps emanate a scent in small quantities overa specified period of time and are usually placed at the beginning of the planting season.

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Pheromonetraps used to attract insects and pests 

Choose a natural alternative for the very first time today and do share the fabulous weed and pest freeresults with us in the comments section below!



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