Greener Gardens With Homemade Fertilizers!

'Green' is the word on the streets and it is all about ditching chemicals for the sake of the environment. Homemade fertilizers are the ideal soul mate for your green garden and are available in plenty in your kitchen! 

Make your own small contribution to Mother Nature by using homemade fertilizers over the toxic ones available in the market.

Banana Peel

Banana peels contain potassium that helps plants grow organically when used as fertilizer. Just take a peel and place it near the roots or in the top soil to allow it to decompose naturally. You can also liquefy the banana peel by adding 4 cups of water and blending, before mixing the liquid into soil. Liquefying the peel will help to keep pests, animals and insects at bay which may be attracted to the decomposing peel.

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Banana peel help in supplying potassium to plants

Coffee Grounds

Just the way you need your morning coffee to give you a boost, your plants could use a coffee boost too! Coffee grounds have copious amounts of nitrogen and minerals that can enhance the life of your plants. Coffee byproducts contain calcium, copper and potassium that are also great for the plants. Dry used coffee grounds and start with one tablespoon per plant.

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Coffee grounds spread on soil         

Egg Shells

The calcium from egg shells can enhance the growth of your garden. Dry egg shells and powder in a blender, then sprinkle the egg shell powder over soil in the garden as a natural fertilizer.

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Crushed egg shells in the plant soil

Fish Tank Water Fertilizer

Used fish tank water is full of nitrogen and other nutrients that plants need. Water plants using fish tank water for healthy plants. Remember not to use the water from a salt water fish tank.

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Fish tank water can be used as a plant fertilizer            

Vinegar For Acidic Soil 

The acetic acid present in vinegar works wonders for plants that thrive in acidic soil. Water plants with a mixture of 1 cup vinegar to 4 liters water once every three months to maintain an acidic pH of soil.

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Mix water and vinegar in a 1:4 ratio to water plants                       

Grass Clippings

Grass clipping are naturally rich in nitrogen and as grass breaks down over time, it enhances the life of soil. Collect grass clipping in a bucket, add water and allow to soak for at least 2 days to make a grass based compost tea. Water down your grass tea by mixing 1 cup of liquid grass with 10 cups of water and apply this mix to the base of plants and allow it to seep into soil.

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Make a compost tea from grass clippings 

If you have a home made fertilizer that makes your garden lush green and fills it with blooms, do share it with us in the comment section below.


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