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In the world of technology and innovation, there are a multitude of options available to keep your home cool from air conditioning to well designed ventilation

In this world of technology and innovation, there are a multitude of options available to keep your home cool this summer, from air conditioning to well designed ventilation. Give yourself a cool break from the soaring temperature by picking the right appliance and design to cool your home. 

Here are a few choices, with their advantages and disadvantages, to  help you make aninformed choice.

Portable Air Conditioners

Essentially a free standing air conditioner on wheels, these are an ideal substitute for window AC units. They are easy to move around and use in any room of the house, the only flip side is that they are relatively expensive and consume more energy than the average window AC with the same specifications.

Article Image
Portable air conditioning unit

Ductless Air Conditioner

Also known as a mini split system, it is completely soundless and will only cool theroom that you use the AC in. The condenser of this unit sits outside the house, and the fan inside the AC is very quiet. Due to its small size, it can bemounted in any room and has small indoor and outdoor components. The cost of split ACs can vary depending on the number of indoor fan units and the specifications of the appliance, but they still remain a costlier alternative to the window AC.

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Ductless AC inside the house and condenser placed outside

In-Wall Installation

An in-wall AC unit is similar to a windowunit. The only difference is that the vents are located only along the back instead of  the sides of the AC unit, which means that yourwindows don’t need to be blocked anymore. The disadvantage of this type of unitis that the installation process is more invasive requiring a hole in the wall tofix the system and it may also require new electrical wiring.

Article Image
Free up your windows with these in-wall installations

Ventilator Fan

If you live in temperate conditions, with pleasant weather through most of the year, a ventilator fan is a viable cooling option for your home. A ventilator fan circulates cooler air from the outside of your home into the interior, allowing air to pass from one room to another through a system of vents in the wall or floor. This type of fan will move cool airfrom one level to another. Do remember that installing ventilator fans is a rather invasive process it involves cutting out multiple vents in surfaces like interior and exterior walls, the floor etc. A ventilator fan also compromises on privacy as sounds carry from room to room as well as air.

Article Image
Moving hot/cool air into other rooms using a ventilation fan

Depending on the structure of your house and your personal needs, you can use ofany of these methods to keep your house cool and summer ready! 



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