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Every home is different, and the needs of its occupants are too. Customization can solve many an interior design problem and can be surprisingly cost effective.

Every home is different, and the needs of its occupants are too. Consider the option of customized furniture and other elements because cookie-cutter styles and 'ready to buy' designs available in the market allow for very little flexibility in accommodating individual needs or personal tastes . 

Customization is also useful in solving many an interior design problem and can be surprisingly cost effective and convenient in the long run. Problem areas like wasted space underneath the stairs, mezzanine landing areas, odd and awkwardly shaped spaces as well as small spaces, all benefit from custom designed interiors. 

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A custom built window seat, storage and display in a mezzanine landing area

Cost Versus Convenience

While customized furniture and interiors may cost more than standard sized, easily available, ready to buy pieces, the benefits of customization may outweigh the investment of extra time required to fabricate pieces and additional costs. For instance, custom built storage in the kitchen will provide a systematically organized space for the storage of larger sized pots, pans, lids, spices, pickle jars, etc. In a home with a large family you may need to store additional food and utensils. Providing a dedicated, custom designed space for all your needs in the kitchen will help to avoid the everyday struggle of working in a chaotic space. The long term convenience of custom designing a kitchen will often far outweigh the costs.

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Customized kitchen storage for large pans

Personalized Comfort 

Customize equals personalize! Furniture and interiors that are custom designed will take into account your personal needs as an individual and those of your family. For example, the height at which cupboard shelves are placed, or the depth of counter tops in bathrooms and kitchens, can provide for comfortable, easy use everyday. Customization is especially relevant for the comfort of the elderly and in homes with small children.  

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Customize kitchen shelves for convenience

Tastes And Preferences

Customization gives you the additional plus of expressing your tastes and preferences, helping to put a personal stamp on your home in every possible way. Imagine walking into another home and finding a carbon copy replica of yours! Avoid that 'copy cat' look by customizing wherever possible, for example simply change the upholstery fabric when buying a ready sofa from a store. When purchasing a ready to buy piece ask for customization options offered by store to create a personal look that incorporates your tastes even in store bought elements.

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One chair upholstered in four different colors

Use Odd Interior Spaces

Most homes can have oddly shaped, awkward spaces and corners that may be used to their full potential with custom built furniture, storage or displays. This is even more applicable to smaller apartments where it is important not to waste even one square foot of area. A nook in a foyer can be converted into storage for footwear, the space underneath the stairs into a linen closet and a small bedroom corner into a functional home office, all you need do is custom build interior elements to take advantage of every available space in your home effectively.

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A home office in a bedroom corner

Customizing your home can be a time consuming process but the ultimate reward is a comfortable space that is truly personal and effectively functional, created with extra love and care down to the last detail. Live in customized style!



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